More details come out about West Frankfort double homicide

Published: Nov. 25, 2009 at 4:41 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 26, 2009 at 3:38 AM CST
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Michael Schallert | Source: Larimer County Sheriff's Office
Michael Schallert | Source: Larimer County Sheriff's Office
Afton Ferris | Source: Larimer County Sheriff's Office
Afton Ferris | Source: Larimer County Sheriff's Office
Kandis Majors
Kandis Majors
Terri Seibeck
Terri Seibeck

By Heartland News

LARIMER COUNTY, CO (KFVS) - More details are coming out in the double homicide investigation out of West Frankfort.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office in Colorado released an incident report on the arrest of 29-year-old Michael Schallert and 19-year-old Afton Ferris.

The suspect made it to Fort Collins, Colorado before police caught them.  They're accused of murdering 28-year-old Kandis Majors and 32-year-old Terri Seibeck in their home in West Frankfort.  Seibeck and Majors had lived in the home for about a year.

According to the report, deputies with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office in Colorado helped US Marshals take Afton Ferris and Michael Schallert into custody at a trailer park.

The report states Schallert and Ferris confessed to the murders soon after West Frankfort police showed up in Colorado.

In the report one officer says he could smell the strong odor of alcohol on Schallert's breath and his eyes were bloodshot.

Schallert allegedly told investigators he had some beer and smoked some pot.

Schallert made some comments as deputies took him away saying, "I've committed enough crimes in the last few days," and "We were going to kill ourselves."

Police found the bodies of Majors and Seibeck inside their home on Douglas Street in October. They had been shot several times.

Police reports show officers also found a car believed to have been stolen from one of the victims outside the mobile home with stolen Colorado plates on it.

Afton Ferris recently appeared in Franklin County court.  She faces charges of first degree murder, armed robbery and home invasion.

In handwritten notes included in the police report and signed by her, Ferris wrote, "We are sorry we did this, I wish we hadn't done this, but we had been pushed too far. Terri & Kandice were thieves and liars & they continuously stole from one another & blamed it on somebody else, and we continuously got the blame."

She then goes on to write "They told me they had put our things outside & we were homeless, so we stole a gun and did that.  I'm sorry I did it. All I wanted to do was to spend the rest of my life with my soul-mate - and we couldn't do it."

Ferris also wrote a poem called "Bullets and Weed" in which she

Also in the report, police say they found a handwritten poem titled "Bullets and Weed" signed Ferris.

Part of the poem says, "Seems like we got no where to run to, and no way to go back. Guess the only way to go, is to take this handful of bullets and pocketful of weed and live our life on the edge and never look back."

Ferris also allegedly apologized in another note to people who appear to be family members and then wrote "but I don't have any other regrets because I found my one true love and I am going to die in his arms."

At the end of that note she wrote, "If there's one wish I want granted, it is that I want to be buried with Michael, because we weren't together very long in life and we believe God knows how much we truly love each other and will let us live after death."

Prosecutors are considering the death penalty for both suspects.

Read the incident report hereWARNING: some may find material in this incident report offensive.

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