Local P.I. hired to track cheaters and more

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Exaggerating on your disability claims? Cheating on your spouse? Might be two reasons a private investigator would be hired to track your movement.  You might be surprised the tight economy has these types of investigations increasing locally.

John Mackey started his own private investigative service about five years ago.  Within the last year or so, he's seen his business pick up considerably.
"There's definitely a need for private investigations, like in our workman's comp cases that seems to be on the rise," he said.
John says money's the root factor.  Companies want him to see if people are cheating on their disabililty claims.  So, how's he do it?  Video cameras, high-powered microphones and good ole' classic undercover hideouts.
"I cover everything from background checks to investigative and tactical security checks to executive protection services to fugitive watch to bail bonds."
John often uses a "parabolic mic" to pick up cell phone conversations from afar.  The work really gets juicy when curious spouses give him a call.
"On some of the cases, a spouse would want a tracking device be put on a vehicle. We do that."
The popularity of shows like "Cheaters," where a cheating spouse is caught on tape in the act, keeps John's phone ringing lately, but it's not necessarily the type of case he's quick to jump on.
"Nobody's ever happy with the outcome."
The only time he feels good about tracking a case like that is in child custody battles.
"Especially if you can take a child out of a bad environment and be put into a good environment," he said.
With the divorce rate the way it is, John doesn't see his business slowing down anytime soon.  That said, the next time you're taking a simple walk through the park, you never know who's watching...even here in the Heartland.
"There's always going to be criminals, always going to be attorneys, there's always going to be married couples."
Hearltand News tried several times to get some of John's clients to talk with us, but none wanted to go on-camera and speak about the infidelity in their marriages.  It's also worth noting, some of the "evidence" John tracks down is admissable in court...sometimes it's not.
Most recently, John says Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals hired him to keep watch on that company's latest shipments.  He speculates it might have carried the flu vaccine. Either way, the company wanted to ensure the shipment got where it was intended to go.

Prices vary at John's business, MCP Investigations.  To contact him, call 1-800-984-6456 or go to his website, www.mcpinvestigations.com

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