Murder Trial Ready to Begin

A suprising new twist in the Heartland murder trial of a woman accused of killing the Alexander County Assistant State's Attorney Steven Jett.
Police found Jett's body lying on the floor of his apartment in Cambria on the morning of March 18th. Jett had been shot in the chest. Police say Sharonda Miller pulled the trigger.
Sharonda Miller's brother tells Heartland News that his sister had no choice, but to protect herself and her 4 year old daughter. " It was a situation concerning her and her daughter, and the guy wanted to get real wild and aggressive. She did what she had to do to protect herself at the time," says Eldmondtise Miller.
Miller says that his sister and Jett had been lovers for more then 2 years. And that even though Jett was an assistant prosecutor, the two used drugs. "The people don't know about his use of drugs, they don't know about his big spending habits on young women. They don't know how mean he can be or what he was capable of," Miller said. "I think the public needs to know. Instead of looking at my sister like shes some cold blooded killer, who shot this man for no reason."
The lawyers aren't saying anything about the case. But the jury has been seated and opening statements are scheduled to begin at 9 o'clock Thursday morning.
Miller says he plans on sitting in the courtroom every day of the trial to support his sister. " It's killing me inside. But I hold it within myself and believe that it's now in Gods hands in the end whether she's guilty or innocent."