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Life Hacks with Laura: Sharpie hack

If you have children, you know Sharpies can be your worst nightmare. Especially, if they color on things they aren’t supposed to like a dry-erase board.

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Life Hacks: Plant water

  Life Hacks: Homemade watering pail

Spring is here so this is a life hack that can help you out outdoors in the nice sunshine!

  Life Hacks: No-tear onion cutting

Don't you hate it when your eyes just won't stop watering when you're cutting up an onion? Well, here is a life hack that is supposed to help you out with that!

  Life Hacks: Fruit infused water

Today's life hack will show you how to add just a little bit of fruit flavor to a glass of water

  Life Hacks: Keep your ice cream soft

Here's a simple way to keep ice cream nice and soft while it's in the freezer, so it's easier to scoop out and quicker to eat. All you're going to need is one big freezer bag to place the ice cream in.  Place the ice cream in the bag and freeze it like you normally would.  Hopefully, the next time you pull the ice cream out, it will be teh same consistency as it was when you put it in. Good luck! Download the KFVS News app: iPhone | A...

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  Life Hacks: Freeze meat with wax paper

  Life Hacks: Protecting fingers when hammering

Use a clothespin to protect your fingers when hammering a nail.

  Life Hacks: Easy pumpkin decorating

Decorate your Halloween pumpkins on the easy and cheap.

  Life Hacks: Chip clip

Use a hanger with clips as a “chip clip.”