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  Louisiana teen surprises younger brother in silly costumes every day at bus stop

In a hilarious display of sibling love, one big brother is making memories before heading off to college.

Back-to-school illnesses parents need to watch for

  Jackson students go to International Science Fair, eager to learn more

Students returning to campus at Murray State

  First day of school in the books for new therapy dog

  Testing Heartland kindergartner readiness

Union City, Tenn. schools recognized as one of the best in the state

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Lemonade stand raises $100 for each teacher at school

Jackson School Resource Officers head back to school along with students

  Southeast Missouri State University welcoming students back for fall semester

Picking the right instrument can boost your child’s education

  Drivers don’t just pick up and drop off, but are responsible for checking the bus

  All Missouri students will have access to online courses

B2S Life Hack: Create a ‘homework box’

Take out the pre-work of homework time. Create a “homework box” equipped with everything your kid needs to get their homework done (pens, pencils, erasers, etc.).

B2S Life Hack: Break in shoes with hair dryer

Break in new shoes with a hair dryer.

B2S Life Hack: Color code folders, notebooks to certain classes

Here’s a back-to-school tip that will help your older students keep their classes straight and lighten their load to class.

  Back to School Lunch Hack: keeping meals fun

If you're looking for something new or different to put in your child's lunch box, consider this lunch hack.

Back to School Lunch Hack: money saving ice pack

35 filled backpacks to be donated to students in Shawnee College’s district

  Helping kids cope with back-to-school anxiety

  National educational speaker visits with 5 Heartland schools to kick off school year

  School bus safety tips for drivers and kids

Southern Ill. company gets in front of school bus driver shortage

Back-to-School Bash in Richland canceled

There will be an open house from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m. for anyone wanting to meet their teachers.

School district offers students attendance incentives, includes a car

Union City School leaders said the incentives are being offered to combat chronic absenteeism.

  Cape Girardeau Public Schools find the root of problems in class

Cape Girardeau Public Schools handle problems in the classroom with a new approach.

  11 ways to have a great back to school day

Back to school is a special and exciting time for most kids. With that day upon dozens of districts throughout The Heartland here are some tips to make this day even better.

SIU activities welcome students to campus for fall semester

The semester starts on Monday, August 19, but the fun starts earlier.

Sikeston schools unveil new way to check menus

Now you can check the menus for each day for each meal at each school, you can look at pictures of the meals and nutritional information.

  “Blue Jay Bus Bash” in Charleston, Mo.

Staff said community members were invited and encouraged to attend.

Students eat free at McCracken County Public Schools

Student participation is important for the school to continue to offer free meals.

  Church donates 300-plus book bags filled with supplies to ‘Hope For One More’

As kids are gearing up to get back to school a local church donated more than 300 book bags filled with school supplies to help foster kids.

  Scott City Elementary teachers welcome incoming kindergartners at home

This year, they are welcoming more than 50 kids in their kindergarten classrooms.

MoDOT asking driver and students to stay alert for Back To School

The Missouri Department of Transportation is issuing some reminders for drivers and students while school begins after the summer break.

  Volunteers paint activities on Clippard playground

Volunteers helped paint new activities on the Clippard Elementary playground.

New shoes available for students in need in McCleansboro

The center is located next to the First Baptist Church 302 E. Market Street.

Health officials: Vaccines are part of back to school prep

Check your child’s shot record now.

  Trade labor program targets more southern Illinois high school students

Southern Illinois is in need of laborers. That's why a vocational training program is targeting more juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a trade job.

Jackson PD give teachers ALICE training

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

  Shawnee schools helping students with school supplies on heels of devastating flood

The Shawnee School District #84 is supplying school supplies for all grades, Pre-K through 12 this year.

Doniphan police announce changes to school traffic flow

Police are asking people to not line up before 2:45 and use one lane of traffic only.

“Students are on the move!” Mo. Hwy Patrol and Ill. State Police remind drivers of school year safety

Officials said in 2018 five people were killed and 457 people were injured in 969 traffic crashes involving school buses.

  Missouri holds annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

Missouri's Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is Friday, Aug. 2 through Sunday, Aug. 4.

  Cape Girardeau Islamic Center hosts backpack giveaway

The Islamic Center in Cape Girardeau is working to make sure kids are prepared for the school year.

  Jackson elementary school teachers, staff hosts giveaway on ‘Fun Bus’

The main goal of the adventure is to get kids excited about the new school year.

Teachers get creative with introduction videos for new school year

That’s a total of 47 videos that students can watch to meet their new educators.

  Parental control apps to track your child’s smartphone habits

Technology can help parents start the conversation with their kids about what they are looking at on their smartphone and where they are going.

End-of-summer event to help families prepare for back to school

It’s free of charge and open to the public.

School supply giveaway, community night scheduled in Vienna, Ill.

Students and families will receive free school supplies, haircuts, dental exams, clothing, food and more.

Paducah FD hosting ‘Fill the Fire Truck’ with school supplies

The school supplies will be donated to school located within the Paducah city limits.

  Back-to-school health fair to be held in Jackson County, Ill.

Officials said children can be entered into a drawing for prizes including backpacks stuffed with school supplies.

Southeastern Illinois College announces Student Orientation Session

Student Orientation for the fall semester has been scheduled at Southeastern Illinois College.

Free back-to-school event at Bi-County Health Dept.

The free event will be July 26 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  Some helpful motivation for sending your kids off to school

Sending your little ones off to school can be very stressful.

Back to School Lunch Hack: planning ahead

You probably already know that kids can be fickle. Today they love grapes, tomorrow they'll only eat strawberries. This life hack should help you prepare for their sudden change in taste.

Back to School Lunch Hack: check the containers

This lunch hack might seem a little obvious, but it's a good reminder before you start packing that lunch bag.

  Tips to get kids back in the school sleep routine

The summer is wrapping up for kids and parents are trying to get them back to bed at a normal hour. Pediatrician Kali Francis recommends getting started two weeks before school starts.

Back to School Lunch Hack: prevent brown apples

There's nothing worse than opening your lunch to find a brown apple. Yuck! But, there's an easy hack to keep it fresh until lunch.

  Back to School Lunch Hack: frozen sandwiches

Most kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And parents love to save time and money.

  By the numbers: Families to spend $674 on back to school shopping

Shopping for school supplies, including your child's class list, new clothes, shoes, electronics, makes up the second biggest season for consumer spending.

B2S Life Hack: Turn getting ready for school into a game

Turn the morning rush into a fun game for the kids.

B2S Life Hack: Sticky notes to help study

Use sticky notes to help your child study.

B2S Life Hack: Use rubber band to keep sliced apple fresh

Use a rubber band to keep a sliced apple from turning brown.

B2S Life Hack: Charging station for family gadgets

Make a charging station for your family’s gadgets. Stack letter trays in a place in your home beside an outlet.

B2S Life Hack: Pre-pack school lunches

This back-to-school life hack will help your morning routine run smoothly. It’s all about pre-packing your kids’ lunches.

B2S Life Hack: Homemade ice pack

Make your own ice packs that are easy and cheap to replace.

  B2S Life Hack: Pack a backup school box

Here’s a back-to-school life hack that might save you a trip to your child’s school. Pack a backup school box for your student to keep at school.