A Better Heartland

SIU students to observe MLK Day with community service

Students will be volunteering to help community organizations, while following social distancing guidelines and other COVID-19 safety protocols.

  5/4/20 - Heartland Re-opens

Missouri's stay at home order is now lifted and phase I started.

  3/18/20 - Coronavirus

Coronavirus stories are everywhere. And we have our share of those on-air and on-line.

  Saint Francis Healthcare System Prices

While Saint Francis provides best in nation quality and safety, our prices WERE too high compared to our region.

  12/28/19 - Social Media

As we celebrate the New Year, I have a resolution for all of us. Let's be a little nicer this year on social media

12/26/19 - Rescan

We all like free stuff, right? Starting January first we’re giving you more channels over-the-air for free.

  12/23/19 - Humans of Cape

The digital revolution is exciting because technology can make our human lives better. With that revolution comes the obsession with "social" media.

  12/22/19 - Happy Holidays

We all love this time of year- the way kids of all ages get excited, the parties, the family time, and of course the shopping.

  10/13/19 - Remembering Mike Shain

By now you’ve heard that Mike Shain passed away on October 4. The voice of Heartland News for decades, the man you allowed into your homes every night to tell you the days’ most important events.

  Longtime KFVS12 anchor Mike Shain passes away

Mike Shain was a Sikeston native.

  10/3/19 - KFVS12 65th Anniversary

This week, KFVS12 turned 65. October 3, 1954 is the date that broadcast pioneer Oscar Hirsch added this new thing called television.

  8/22/19 - Roadkill and Rose

The event is a wild game cookoff featuring many of your favorite restaurants, wineries and businesses. It’s a chance to sample some of the most unique food and drink while making a big difference in the Heartland.

  A Better Heartland: IMPACT

SEMO Football and The Bank of Missouri are teaming up to help recognize people throughout the region that are making an IMPACT in their communities and in others' lives.

  8/1/19 - Stuff the Bus

Do you realize many Heartland families spend more on back to school supplies than they do on Christmas gifts?

  7/02/19 - We Salute You David Cantrell

To Captain David Cantrell, we say thank you for all you’ve done. Your spirit in the face of heartbreak inspires us as Americans and we know that you will turn this into a way to help others even more.

  6/27/19 - Congratulations on your retirement Tom Siebert!

This week we say thank you and goodbye to our longtime teammate Tom Siebert.

  6/12/19 - Starting our day with the National Anthem

Airing the Star Spangled Banner in the morning ensures that more viewers will see it, and come to understand we can all be in unity and respect each other no matter what.

  3/26/19 - Jay Knudtson on Prop Y

Let’s continue to come together on this critically important issue for our kids, our schools, our city, and our future. Because this is precisely what makes us A Better Heartland.

  3/7/19 - Severe weather cut-ins are here to stay

We won't stop covering a tornado or any other dangerous weather because you're missing your favorite TV show.

  2/14/19 - Thank you to everyone who responds when winter weather strikes

Knowing that you are there even when the weather is bad is a great service to all of us and saying “thank you” makes this a Better Heartland.

  2/7/19 - Thank You Coach Terry Kitchen

Thank you Coach Terry Kitchen for giving everything and making this a Better Heartland.

  1/25/19 - Kudos to the work of the Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the Heartland

Mentoring, leading, and celebrating these young people who are making a difference makes this a Better Heartland.

  1/9/19 - Give of Yourself, Save a Life

Doing your part to help a friend by donating blood makes this a better Heartland.

  12/20/18 - Jim Burns: Congratulations on an Outstanding Career!

Everyone who has ever walked through the doors at KFVS over the past 39 years owes you so much. You are one of the good ones and all of us want to say thank you for being the cornerstone of our family.

  12/18/18 - Merry Christmas and Please Shop Local

We all love this time of year- the way kids of all ages get excited, the parties, the family time, and of course the shopping.

  12/13/18 - Mike Wunderlich makes it happen

Thank you, Mike, for the serving the people of the Heartland and everyone who has walked through the doors at KFVS over the past 36 years.

  12/11/18 - Support Big Brothers Big Sisters

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, our work is about combating that isolation by matching them with amazing Big Brothers and Big Sisters who can show them different things, introduce them to new ideas, open doors to exciting opportunities.

  12/6/18 - Don’t Wait for the Eulogy

The images we've seen while saying good bye to our 41st President, George H.W. Bush, are ones that will burn into the American fabric forever.

  12/4/18 - The Importance of a Working Smoke Alarm

According to FEMA, the risk of dying in a house fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke alarms.

  11/29/18: listen for the bells at the Red Kettles

One way that giving in a small way makes a big difference this holiday season is to give to the Salvation Army.

  11/27/18: A letter to Santa from SEMO Fans

"Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas is a win in Utah against Weber State, to win the FCS Championship, and finally, that all players involved compete without injury."

  11/19/18 - Thanksgiving

President Lincoln set aside the last Thursday of November "as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise."

  11/8/18 - Veterans Day

"There was a time when the National Anthem played and Americans from all walks of life and all political and religious beliefs would put aside their politics, stood with their hand over their hearts, and honored our freedom and our country..."

  10/25/18: absentee voting on the rise

"But I think all of us can agree that many people are more interested in voting because they're fed up and want to make a change, or they are happy to keep the things they see working."

  10/23/18: keeping up with the times

In business, as in life, we have to adapt our behavior and way of thinking about the world around us if we are to be successful in it.

  10/18/18: passing the U.S. Citizenship test

The test should be easy for all Americans because a majority of the questions are things we learned in school.

  10/16/18: signs of domestic violence

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, literally anyone. It is a crime and it is unacceptable.

  10/11/18 - Guest Editorial by Jessica Hill with Safe House for Women

Did you know this year there will be over 500 cases of domestic violence reported in Cape Girardeau County alone?

  10/9/18: The Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is going to become the profession of choice and necessity in the coming years.

10/4/18: Heartland reaction to KFVS presidential standards

We explained our standard and made sure our viewers know that we respect the office and the person in it, no matter who they are.You had plenty to say on the issue.

  10/2/18: No disrespect intended, Mr. President

Understanding that Heartland News Journalists are respectful Americans and keeping an eye on the bigger things in front of us right now makes this a Better Heartland.