Cold and Flu

  Mild flu season due to COVID-19

Usually this time of year most of us make an extra effort to not catch the flu.

S7HD to host flu shot clinics

  Jackson County Health Department to offer flu vaccinations

  Health officials highly encourage flu vaccinations due to COVID-19

  How to know the difference between just having a cold and the flu

St. Jude scientists work to improve flu shot

Vaccine no match against flu bug that popped up near end

Continued Coverage

  CDC report shows flu virus still widespread in the Heartland

  Does it work: Eucalyptus in the shower to help congestion

Flu activity level raised to ‘widespread’ in KY

Louisville healthcare providers seeing high cases of flu

  CDC says the flu vaccine has a higher chance of being effective this year

Winter, flu preparedness fair in Jackson Co., IL

Walk-in flu shots available in Jackson County, IL

Jackson County Health Department is offering flu shots

  New Madrid Co. Health Dept. offering flu shot clinics

Flu shots will be available in New Madrid County, Mo.

Are you flu season ready?

Doctors recommend flu shots for everyone but especially for people over 65 and children.