Maggie Rose to headline Shipyard Music Festival kick-off party

One-on-one with Maggie Rose
Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 3:00 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 14, 2023 at 3:32 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Shipyard Music Festival returns to Cape Girardeau next weekend, but the party will start this weekend with a special concert at Scout Hall.

Nashville-based artist Maggie Rose is headlining a Kick-Off Party for Shipyard on Saturday, September 16.

Crystal Britt recently got the chance to sit down with Rose to talk about her music, her career and her connection to the Heartland.

When asked what she would say to someone who doesn’t know a lot about her, nor her music, Rose said they call it “American rock and soul.”

“...and I think that’s because it transcends many genres,” she continued. “I’ve been in Nashville for quite some time, so I think that how Nashville’s evolved, and started to expand in its variety of music correlates really well with how my music has gone as well. There’s some soul in there, and funk, and folk, and, of course, elements of country, but there’s a lot of camaraderie and I find healing through writing music.”

We're just two days away from the Shipyard Kick-off Party in Downtown Cape Girardeau

We asked her if she had a favorite type of music.

“I love, well, I love a singer,” she replied. “I think I kind of grew up in a time where the diva was kind of at the top of the charts with Mariah, Whitney. Shania Twain was my first concert. So, I mean, I love someone who can perform and really connect with the audience through their voice; Aretha Franklin.”

Speaking of Aretha Franklin, some people compare Rose to her.

“...She’s the queen, and I will, I thank them for that. It’s a humbling compliment to receive because she’s the best there ever was and probably ever will be,” Rose said.

Rose has toured with a lot of awesome people. She told us some of her favorites.

“I’ve been really lucky to have lots of very generous hosts, but Tim and Faith, the Soul to Soul Tour, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill,” she said. “Just how iconic they are as a couple and this tour having been one that they revisited was really cool to be a guest on just because I could kind of see their work life balance and the fact that they had such huge careers, but also were able to enjoy each other and incorporate music into their lives that way.”

Rose has toured in southeast Missouri before, and she has a special connection here.

“I love the community,” she said. “I married Austin Marshall, who’s from Sikeston, over seven years ago. So, I’ve gotten to come back here and know the community and also coming back for holidays and nice, relaxing visits. It’s a good place to come home to.”

She went on to explain just how special it is to come back time after time.

“It’s incredibly relaxing to come here. Obviously, this is work, if I were to describe what I do for a living, but this is a vacation in so many ways. And it’s really nice to just feel that support,” she continued. “It’s very palpable when I come here. We show all the highlights on Instagram and socials and everything. We get to show you all the high points, but it can be really hard and there can be a lot of fatigue. This is a great way to kind of fill up the well again and just know that you have people all over the country, but I definitely have people here. It’s reinvigorating.”

Watch the extended interview with Nashville-based artist Maggie Rose.

Rose will perform at Scout Hall on Saturday, September 16 with special guest Jesse Charles Hammock.

Doors open at 7 p.m. and the music starts at 8.

You can find ticket information online.