A common school supply could actually be a vape pen

A company is selling HighLight Vapes, a vape pen that contains nicotine but looks identical to a highlighter.
A common every day school supply, could be confused for something you can smoke.
A common every day school supply, could be confused for something you can smoke.(clear)
Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 10:45 PM CDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Is it a highlighter, could be, or it could be a vape! A new nicotine product called, HighLighter Vape, is now on the market. Schools everywhere are worried students are going to be able to easily hide or sneak this in because it is practically identical to a real highlighter.

They’re bright and all your favorite colors, a highlighter is in most every students back packs heading to school but could it be something else.

“It’s completely targeted to underage people that are not even allowed to really buy vapes I mean we don’t have 21-year-old’s in high school so, its really crazy that they’re doing that and getting away with it. I’m sure there will be a massive fine or lawsuit coming,” said Travis McKinney, owner and CEO of The Blom Shop. He helped draft the new law in Tennessee that regulates Vapes, Delta-8, and CBD products.

WVLT News went to multiple stores around Knox County looking for the HighLighter Vape. The stores said they couldn’t keep the product in stock.

“With online you have to add those extra security paramotors to your site and they cost money but we don’t want people who aren’t of age to be buying the product,” said McKinney.

One major part of the law is you must be 21 or over to purchase and the packing needs to be child proof, with no child like imaging.

Ore Pumariega, is the vice president of Student Affairs for Knox Catholic High School. He is in charge of disciplining students when and if things go wrong.

“No school is 100% vape free or alcohol free, no school, but we try to see if we have the smallest percentage of our students dabbling in that stuff, but we know a lot of the families and they come here and are involved and their part of it too,” Pumariega said.

Communicating with your student is key to their success. Pumariega said the HighLighter Vapes and other types in general, are something that they will have to keep their eye on and monitor more throughout the school year.