Report: 1 in 4 find hidden cameras in vacation homes

IPX1031 conducts study of vacation rental property practices.
A report found 1 in 4 people find a hidden camera in their vacation homes.
Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 9:15 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Many have trips planned this summer. A lot of people turn to short term rentals for a place to stay, but are they as safe and secure as you think? A new report from a local real estate investment company is having people think twice.

Many people are traveling this summer, like Nashville resident Tyler Nunemaker.

“I am heading to San Diego to enjoy some time on the beach and just relax and get away from work,” Nunemaker said.

Nunemaker plans to stay in a short-term rental which could have a hidden camera in it, according to a real estate investment company. That study said one in four people have found a camera at a vacation property.

“I mean it is definitely terrifying,” Nunemaker said. “It seems like the people that hide the cameras are getting more creative.”

If you search hidden camera on Amazon, you’ll find one concealed in a phone charger and another hidden in a smoke detector for under $60.

“I have seen ones where it is like in the light switch,” Nunemaker said.

Metro Police said they are not aware of any cases of this happening in Davidson County, but for those traveling, Norton said people should search bathrooms and bedrooms for cameras.

There are also multiple hidden camera detector apps.

“It is not what you want to do and not what you are paying for,” Nunemaker said. “You are paying for a safe, comfortable experience but unfortunately, that is just the world we live in.”