Boys to Men Forum looking to curb juvenile gun violence in Carbondale

Boys to Men Forum in Carbondale aims to curb gun violence
Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 8:02 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, IL. (KFVS) - Police and community leaders in Carbondale say gun violence is getting worse.

With their Thursday forum, they’re hoping to trade bullets for meaningful conversations.

The organizations known as Women for Change and 100 Black Men are working to help the youth understand better ways to settle their differences without the need for gun violence.

“We need to do something for our young men. It’s too many things going around and we’re far to quiet about it,” said Ginger Rye-Sanders, Founder and President of Women for Change.

Rye-Sanders says the event is the first step to getting the ball rolling to help curb juvenile gun violence.

According to the Police Department, within the last 3 years, there are 40 cases involving a firearm related offense and a juvenile.

“What we see in Carbondale follows the trends that we see nationally right now that juveniles are involved in more and more violent offenses and unfortunately we are experiencing the same thing,” said Stan Reno, City of Carbondale Police Chief.

Reno says community leaders are working to try and curb this issue.

“It’s something that we work on with our schools and our different community groups in our on going discussions on how to address juvenile offenses,” said Reno.

Rye-Sanders says the young men will be able to talk in small group settings and also have a Q and A about questions they may have.

“We have men that should be able to pour into them because some of them have been in there similar situations,” said Rye-Sanders.

Rye-Sanders says these tough conversations need to be had.

“Through this I am hoping that it will be an impact in their lives and an impact on the village that we want to come back and continue the conversation that will hopefully put these young men in a better place,” said Rye-Sanders.

The forum began at 6 at the Eurma Hayes Center.

Community leaders are hoping this is the first of many events.