Woman celebrates her 100th birthday, shares her longevity secrets

Springfield MO woman celebrates her 100th birthday
Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 1:12 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/Gray News) - A Missouri woman who was born 100 years ago celebrated her milestone birthday over the weekend.

Mildred Quy, or Millie, was born on March 19, 1923.

At the time of her birth, Calvin Coolidge was president, Nevada hadn’t legalized gambling and sliced bread was still five years from being invented.

“I’ve enjoyed every year, especially if I’m with family,” Quy said.

The centenarian said told KY3 key to success is simpler than you might think.

“I think just being busy and doing work and different things,” Quy said.

She said the secret to her longevity is keeping busy, staying with family, and maintaining her faith in God.

“My family is worth everything,” she said.

Quy’s grandson, Brandon Bevis, said it can also be chalked up to her attitude.

“Grandma is someone who forgives and forgets,” Brandon Bevis said. “I’ve learned a lot from her on that. She doesn’t let things get to her.”

The day before her birthday, her daughter Gloria Bevis put on a surprise 100th birthday bash with the help of other family members. All 44 blood-related members were there, along with additional family members.

“Everyone wanted to come; some people couldn’t,” Gloria Bevis said. “But they were thrilled that they all wanted to be with her on her birthday.”

Gloria Bevis said her mom is very tech-savvy and even tracks her family on her phone just to keep tabs, so planning a surprise party did have a few hiccups.

“She follows people on her phone,” Bevis said. “So I had to turn my follow device off so she wouldn’t know where I was at different times. And so it’s hard to get something around her. "

Quy said she was happy with the party because she got to see her whole family in one place.

“Well, when I saw certain ones, I almost cried,” she said. “Hadn’t seen them and I didn’t know they were just going to be there, you know, and they really thrilled me.”

Quy said the thing she’s most proud of is her family.

“I’m really proud of them,” she said. “I’m proud of everyone.”