Coach Korn’s wife works behind the scenes to help promote Redhawks basketball team

Kristin Korn showcases the team on social media so the community can get to know the players better.
The SEMO men's basketball team's journey to the NCAA Tournament.
Updated: Mar. 13, 2023 at 6:30 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - To get success on the hardwood, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes.

Coaching the SEMO Redhawks basketball team is a year-round endeavor.

It’s not all about practices, but about forming relationships too.

“There’s so much that happens off the court, it’s so much more than that,” said Kristin Korn, Coach Brad Korn’s wife.

That’s a big part of what Coach Korn’s wife, Kristin loves.

For many of the players, their families are miles away.

“A lot of times when campus is closed, the players are still here so we just invite them over, whether it’s Thanksgiving or summer break, they are always welcome,” said Kristin Korn.

Brad and Kristin Korn enjoy inviting people into their home and making them feel like family.

“Anyone who comes over here whether it’s our friends or the community, we always have them sign the wall.”

Their basement is place where the team can gather, eat and play games.

They also have a special wall in their basement that is basically a giant chalkboard.

“So this wall is filled with player signatures for the last three years and different people, it’s pretty neat,” said Korn.

Kristin Korn knew she could add even more behind the scenes.

She has her own marketing agency and brings those skills to the table.

“That’s kind of how I’ve helped fill my roll,” said Korn. “Coming in here I didn’t really know what I was going to do.”

She contributes to social media, capturing the big moments...and also some lighter ones on Instagram so the community can really get to know the team.

“That’s what builds connection with brands is seeing the people behind it,” said Korn. “You can post great shots of basketball, but the community needs to know who these kids are.”

Because she is so proud of this Redhawks team, and is so very proud of her husband’s leadership. “Having his mark on this program is huge,” said Korn.

She said the couple’s two young daughters are also very excited about the upcoming tournament.

The Korns have tournament experience under their belts and are so happy their Redhawk family will get to enjoy it too.

“To have Cape shown all across the nation that’s huge,” said Korn. “It’s huge for the school, it’s huge for athletics so yeah we’re excited.”

Watch our full special, Redhawks Soar, below.

The SEMO men's basketball team's journey to the NCAA Tournament.