Two Heartland 911 Dispatchers win award

Two everyday heroes in the Heartland are being recognized for their actions behind the scenes
Published: Mar. 10, 2023 at 10:29 PM CST
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SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Two everyday heroes in the Heartland are being recognized for their actions behind the scenes.

Alexis Lambert and Shelby Weed are both recipients of the Teammates in Action award through the Missouri Chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.

This comes after their actions on a multi-fatal accident back in December. In regard to this accident, Lambert said the best thing they could do was remain calm.

“Everything happened within 3 minutes, so we didn’t have very much time to get everyone that needed to get out there, so we didn’t have time to stop, freak out, panic, or any of that,” said Lambert.

Weed said that the event was difficult, but Lambert helped her get through it.

“It was my first real tragic event, and you know it in that moment, you’re either going to freeze or you’re not and she kept me from freezing,” said Weed.

Lambert’s career choice comes three years ago after a tragedy of her own. Lambert said the ability to help someone makes her job worth it.

“To be able to help someone else, so that way they won’t end up in the same situation that I’ve been in and to receive notifications that a family member has passed or something like that, if I’m able to help....that would be very rewarding,” said Lambert.

Weed describes her choice of work being built at home. Weed said she was inspired by her mother.

“My mom worked in law enforcement for a long time and having that background, I feel like it has given me the stability when we do this and having the people I work with, it just makes my foundation so much stronger,” said Weed.