Malden woman inside Hotshots Bar and Grill during Saturday’s shooting says it was terrifying

A Malden woman was inside a Cape Girardeau bar when gunfire rang out.
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 10:07 AM CST
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MALDEN, Mo. (KFVS) - The shooting inside Hotshots Bar and Grill, in Cape Girardeau on Saturday, March 4, has left one woman shaken.

Tori Bunting of Malden was inside the bar when shots rang out.

She said the night started out like a normal Saturday night out with friends, but this one ended in chaos.

”Just extremely surprised and scared and terrified just hoping I would get to see the other side of the situation,” said Bunting. “I was talking to a new group of people and so we were just chatting it up having a good time and then we heard like the five gunshots one right after another. As soon as I heard those gunshots there was an exit in that one room, thankfully cause there was two rooms in the bar and I was in the other room and so after I heard those gunshots we just went straight for the door and I think I got bumped into the wall a little bit trying to get out cause everybody was just kind of pandemonium.”

After she got out of the building, she ran across the street to get as far away as possible from the scene.

Bunting says the experience has her questioning her own safety.

“You never think that something like that is gonna happen to you until it really does and so I like to eventually go back out but I don’t know if that’s going to be anytime soon,” Bunting said.

She’s still feeling emotional about the experience.

“I feel uneasy still I mean yesterday I got to relax at home, I tried to go to work today, and I was just feeling too uneasy, so I needed to leave I wanted to go back home and relax and be at home with my family instead,” said Bunting.

Cape Giradeau Police said five people were injured in the shooting.

One person was in critical condition and the remaining four were reported stable.

Three men have been charged in connection with the shooting.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.