Metzger sisters creating a lasting impact on Jackson girls wrestling

Gracie, Mallorie and Mollie Metzger helping grow the sport
Sisters Gracie, Mallorie and Mollie Metzger are all teammates on the Jackson girls wrestling team.
Published: Feb. 7, 2023 at 11:08 PM CST
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JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Sisters Gracie, Mallorie and Mollie Metzger are all teammates on the Jackson girls wrestling team. They have a pretty clear idea of who got them into their favorite sport.

“That’d be Gracie,” said freshman Mollie Metzger.

“Gracie’s always the one to try new things,” said senior Mallorie Metzger. “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her.”

“I always to try to get everyone involved,” Gracie Metzger, also a senior, said. “I think it’s fun.”

Gracie and Mallorie didn’t need a mat when they were younger.

“I remember playing in the living room as kids,” said Mallorie Metzger. “Wrestling our dad. Wrestling each other. Trying to pin each other on the floor. It would last forever. Our mom would come in and tell us to stop before we hurt ourselves. Then our dad would just encourage us and join in.”

When that turned to competing at the high school level for Jackson, their younger sister Mollie followed in her big sisters’ footsteps the first chance she got.

“Whatever sports they do, I have to do,” said Mollie Metzger. “I would say this has been one of the best experiences”

It wasn’t until recently the Metzgers officially joined in on the sport.

“We started about three years ago,” said Gracie Metzger. “It was like ‘this sounds fun.’ We kind of just picked up on it.”

“We started liking it more and more and fell in love with the sport,” said Mallorie Metzger.

No one has been more impressed than their head coach.

“To see them have a better work ethic than most of the boys in the room, that touches my heart as a coach,” said Jackson Girls Wrestling Head Coach Cody Rouse. “They weren’t successful at first, and they wanted to get better.”

So they did. Rouse says all of the Metzgers work during each offseason has been a key part of their success.

Mallorie Metzger believes sticking with wrestling has been the best decision she has ever made. The history books would be inclined to agree after Mallorie became just the second girls District Champion in Jackson history last year.

Through all the success, it’s the Metzgers simply participating in the sport that is making arguably their biggest impact.

“I have a daughter and she has gained interest in the sport just from watching them,” said Rouse. “It’s great for me a parent and as a coach to have role models like them for my daughter and other kids that are coming up through the program.”

The Lady Indians compete in the Class 2 District 1 Tournament on Friday and Saturday. That could be the final time the Metzgers get to all share the same uniform.

“This is our final year,” said Mollie Metzger. “Lets all do it together.”

“It’s going to be super exciting,” said Gracie Metzger.” “Last time that we all get to compete together.”

“Leave it all on the mat,” said Mallorie Metzger. “I want to finish the season feeling strong and proud of everything I’ve done.”