Court continues in Scott County over placement of sheriff’s office

Tensions between the Scott County Commissioners office and Sheriff Wes Drury continue today in court
Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 10:33 PM CST
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SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - A hearing to discuss the future placement of the Scott County Sheriff’s Department was held today on December 30.

Sheriff Wes Drury and his attorney argue the jail is not a suitable place to move to and does not have enough room or fit the needs of the sheriff’s department.

Scott County prosecuting attorney, Amanda Oesch said there is currently a restraining order under advisement against Drury to move him out of the current sheriff’s office.

Oesch explained the commission’s plan is to turn the current sheriff’s office into a “much-needed” court room.

In court, a witness said due to not having enough room for jurors, there is witness tampering and jury members leaving because they’re unsure of where to go or wait in the current courthouse.

“We’re just looking to get some finality for the tax payers of Scott county, so that we can move forward with court room construction, jury room construction, so that we can kind of put this behind us and the commission can start working with the Sheriff instead of being on opposing sides, they can work together and try to make Scott County better,” Oesch said.

Oesch explained she’s approaching the end of her elected term with a new prosecuting attorney joining Scott County, but was appointed to finish this case with Scott County.

Sheriff Drury and his attorney left before we could interview them.