Local Law Enforcement urging everybody to stay safe while out this New Year’s weekend

Many of you may be venturing out for the New Year's Eve celebrations this weekend, and local law enforcement is urging everybody to stay safe.
Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 4:35 PM CST
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CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Many people may be venturing out for the New Year’s Eve celebrations this weekend, and local law enforcement is urging everybody to stay safe.

Illinois State Police Trooper Josh Korando says that during the holiday season, they see an uptick in DUI’s.

“If you do go out and you do drink, just do not get behind the wheel. We’re pressing that so much more during the holiday season because there is so many more cars on the road and it is difficult to get home, it slows your reaction time down so much and then with all the heavy traffic those things just don’t go together,” Korando said.

Many may be heading out to the strip in Downtown Carbondale. Anthony Williams, the City of Carbondale Deputy Chief of Police, says patrols will focus on the city’s bars and restaurants along Illinois Avenue.

“We will have more officers out on the strip on foot. Likely we’ll have some market units moving around in the area and several other areas in the city that people tend to congregate and just high volume, high traffic areas they should expect to see us out,” Williams said.

Williams encourages those going out to have a designated driver or use a ride-share service.

“Be responsible and remember that your decisions affect other people. Pick somebody before you go, have a plan, have a way that you know that you’re going to get home with somebody who’s a sober driver. And do your best to watch out for each other, go with someone else don’t go by yourself,” Williams said.

The Illinois State Police will have more troopers out on the roadways. They are urging people to put their phones down, drive sober, wear your seat belt and most importantly be safe while you are out.

“Just like every other holiday with more traffic you’re going to have more troops out there that are trying to make sure everybody gets home safe,” Korando said.

According to SafeAuto.com, compared to an average night on the weekend, there are 70% more crashes during the New Year’s Holiday.