Community in mourning after the deaths of two first responders

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 10:23 PM CST
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KENNETT, MO. (KAIT) - A police officer and firefighter was laid to rest while funeral arrangements are made for another. Flags are at half-staff across Kennett as the community and multiple departments are in mourning.

“The city of Kennett has lost a lot, this week has been tremendous,” said Lance Davis, who is the Kennett fire chief.

Captain Robert Moore and Police Lieutenant Craig Moody both started on the fire department on the same day in 1992.

Lieutenant Craig Moody worked his way up the ranks, becoming a patrol officer in 1999. Serving the community of Kennett for over two decades, and putting smiles on the faces of everyone he came into contact with.

“We want to be as close as we were as a group, because of the type of jobs we do, and it brings us together and when you lose someone like that, it is hard to describe, it really is,” said Kenny Wilson, who is the Kennett police chief.

Jennifer Lack is a long-time Kennett resident and will remember both of these first responders.

She remembers when Captain Moore would come into her schools and the smiles he produced when he walked into a room.

“He used to come to the schools to be a security sometimes, to make sure we were all safe, and it was to show him around and make all the children happy,” said Lack.

Jennifer was young but remembered the impact Lieutenant Moody had on her. “He always had a smile on his face, he was a very grateful person, if you needed him to do anything he was there for you,” said Lack.

With 60 years of service between them, this is a hard loss for the city and the families.

“There is no way you can replace a man like that, that kind of dedication in this day and age, it’s hard and it’s rare to find someone that wants to give 30 years of their life,” said Wilson.

Funeral plans for Robert Moore are not set yet. Craig Moody was laid to rest on Monday afternoon.