Marble Hill getting in the Christmas spirit

The city of Marble Hill is seeing more Christmas decorations go up this year as a new display has been added in the heart of the community
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 5:14 PM CST
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MARBLE HILL, Mo. (KFVS) - The City of Marble Hill is seeing more Christmas decorations go up this year as a new display has been added in the heart of the community.

An empty storefront on First Street has been turned into a new attraction called Santa’s House and is now available for all to visit.

Becky Wiginton and her husband recently purchased this building and worked with the previous owners to enhance the Christmas experience for everyone.

“Part of it is sentimental value of this is our town, our hometown and we’re proud of it,” Wiginton said. “Even this building is sentimental to all of us and we’re very proud of this building. We like to see the joy in people’s faces.”

Wiginton put together the display which opened just after Thanksgiving. She said the items have been contributed from multiple community members to showcase.

“The snow village actually belongs to the daughters of the late Mary Carolyn Thomas. They loaned it to us and actually helped set up part of it and made it look beautiful,” Wiginton said. “Our Nutcrackers belong to the late Larry Roberts. That is actually Mildred Shell’s son-in-law. She loaned them to us to put on the fireplace mantle. The nativity belongs to a community member named Becky Trehy and her husband Mike. They’ve loaned it to us for three years to display in different buildings and we felt it fit in Santa’s House. The Christmas Tree photo on the wall belongs to a former school teacher here, Linda Whitener. She brought it in my shop, was planning on selling it and I was like, no, that’s got to go in Santa’s House. Then, there’s other little pieces and toys on the floor from my husband when he was a child. Some of the decorations are from when Mrs. Mildred owned Sunset Florist.”

Mildred Shell is the former owner of the building that houses the Santa’s House display. She has seen the community here decorate for many decades and said it’s wonderful to see people here get in the Christmas spirit.

“It’s wonderful,” Shell said. “We mustn’t forget the meaning of Christmas with all of the good things, the decorations and everything and why we are celebrating Christmas.”

While Santa’s House is the newest attraction, other areas of the city are decorated as well including 70 business decorated displays in the park, a large Christmas tree, a 100-foot walkthrough lighted arch display and more.

For more information about the community and future events during the holiday season, you can visit the Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page here.