Alma Schrader Elementary students give back to SEMO Pets

Alma Schrader students decorate cookies for pets at Southeast Missouri Pets in Cape Girardeau.
Alma Schrader students decorate cookies for pets at Southeast Missouri Pets in Cape Girardeau.(Photo source: Mike Mohundro KFVS)
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 5:14 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Area dogs up for adoption are going to receive a special treat this Christmas season thanks to some Alma Schrader Elementary students.

These students were invited to decorate some canine cookies as a reward for their good character.

Mississippi Mutts helped supply the treats for the students who then put on the icing and sprinkles.

The school’s new therapy dog Maggie helped as well.

“We have amazing students. We truly do,” Alma Schrader School Nurse Kim Hanebrink said. “So, an extra way to show our gratitude to how awesome they are, this is a perfect opportunity. They love their Maggie and we love their good character. So, there is no better combination than to put them together for a wonderful event that we can also show our appreciation to the humane society where we got Maggie.”

Maggie joined the students in the cafeteria to make sure these cookies tasted great for her fellow canines.

“Maggie is a very integral part of Alma Schrader,” Hanebrink said. “She was adopted from the SEMO humane society last year. We brought her into our home and she is my family pet, but she is also the pet of every kiddo here at Schrader.”

Behavior Interventionist Heather Randle said Maggie roams the halls and helps out any students that need support.

“She is such a crucial part of working with me each day with students that might have past trauma, might be frustrated or feeling anxious,” Randle said. “She’s so incredible when you walk into a room with her. She truly has superpowers.”

25 Alma Schrader students were selected for this project for showing good character throughout the school year.

“It’s one of our very important character traits here,” Randle said. “When we work with kids at Alma Schrader, it’s about being respectful and kind to not only our peers, but we’re also teaching them to be kind and respectful to animals.”

School staff members, along with Mississippi Mutts representatives helped bring together the supplies to help the students get started on the decoration process.

The cookies will be donated to Southeast Missouri Pets next week.

“They are going to be donated during our food drive,” Hanebrink said. “December 5th through the 9th I will be hosting a food drive here at Alma Schrader that is for FISH Pantry, as well as the humane society drive.”