Confession leads to renewed hope in Cape Girardeau murder case

Victim’s mother calls on community to speak up as she believes others are responsible for her 15-year-old’s death
A Cape Girardeau family's quest for answers heats up as a confession leads to murder charges in a teenager's death.
Updated: Nov. 10, 2022 at 9:55 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s a nightmare Yameka Robinson relives over and over again.

“It’s traumatizing, it’s something I see every night when I go to sleep,” said Yameka Robinson.

She says she lives in fear.

“Everyday, all the time,” said Robinson.

A new year calls for new traditions, such as new holiday traditions.

“We just had so much fun and I, that’s just the time I’d like to go back remembering Madi, you know,” said Yameka Robinson.

In December 2018, Yameka’s daughter, Madison, wanted to try something new.

“Growing up we were Adventists so we didn’t celebrate holidays,” said Yameka Robinson. “The first year we celebrated Christmas was the year before Madi was taken from us.”

And now, Yameka never wants to let go of something Madison started, like an ugly Christmas sweater party.

She’s had her tree up since early October and plans to now leave it up year-round and decorate it for different seasons.

“I’d just like to keep that Christmas, specifically that Christmas in the forefront of remembering her.”

On August 24, 2019 just days before Madi’s 16th birthday Yameka said they were having a family gathering at her home on Jefferson Avenue in Cape Girardeau.

“A car drove past and they threw something out the window and they were yelling obscenities,” said Robinson.

She said the group of people came back several times.

“I look out the door and it was like 30 people saying come out, come out we’re gonna do this and this to you, " said Robinson. “I called the police and said, ‘if y’all hurry...I see a guy with a gun.’”

Robinson said she has heard gunshots in the community before, but it’s different when it’s aimed right in your direction.

She said multiple shots were fired.

“[The bullets] came through several windows, shot up the chairs, the wall, the concrete,” said Robinson.

She said Madi was shot in the neck and her brother was shot in the leg.

Police say evidence from the scene indicated several shots were fired toward the home from two different firearms.

22 spent casings were recovered from the scene.

Authorities say a subsequent investigation resulted in the recovery of both firearms.

According to the probable cause statement in this case, officers learned the shooting was in retaliation for a mutual fist fight that occurred earlier in the day between the occupants of the home on Jefferson and another family in the community.

“I heard my son say, scream, ‘they shot Madi,’ then he says, ‘oh my God they shot me,’” said Robinson. “I’m just looking at her like get up, get up and talking to her, like, ‘fight Madi...get up, fight, you strong you’ve got this.’”

She said emergency crews worked on her daughter at their home, then she could see them performing chest compressions inside the ambulance.

Both Madi and her brother were taken to a local hospital.


“The doctor came out and told everyone she [Madi] didn’t make it,” said Yameka Robinson. “You don’t think someone would come to your home and steal your children away.”

Witness statements at the time of the crime implicated Isaiah Lane as one of the shooters.

However, according to authorities, a lack of witness cooperation prevented the prosecution of Lane and filed charges had to be dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

“How can you know of a baby being murdered and you’re comfortable with the person who murdered her, the people who murdered her, being in your community,” said Yameka Robinson.

It’s also frustrating for police who would be more than happy to put those responsible for these types of crimes behind bars.

“Sometimes that’s why cases take so long,” said Cape Girardeau Police Chief Wes Blair.

Chief Wes Blair said the Major Case Squad hasn’t stopped investigating Madison Robinson’s case.

“We want the community to talk to us and tell us what they’ve seen but we also understand that there’s fear, fear of retaliation or free of ratting out one of their neighbors or their friends,” said Blair.

Fast forward to August 8, 2022.

An arrest warrant was issued for Isaiah Lane on unrelated charges.

According to the probable cause statement, Lane agreed to speak to officers regarding his involvement in what happened to Madison Robinson.

The PC indicates Lane confessed to being one of the shooters who shot at Madi’s home.

Lane stated someone else was the intended victim, and denied targeting Madi, but acknowledged that her death was caused by the shooting.

A homeowner in the same neighborhood where Madi was killed pays out of his own pocket for an extra street light.

He didn’t want to talk about it on camera, but said everyone needs to do their part and sometimes take matters into their own hands to make their community a safer place.

This is especially the case knowing more may be responsible for what happened to Madi.

“We know of five to six people involved, during the shooting and after,” said Yameka Robinson.

Authorities say at this time there is insufficient evidence to charge the second shooter as multiple individuals have been named as the responsible party.

“It takes all of us in the community, not just the police, the prosecutors and the judges to make the community safer,” said Chief Wes Blair. “If people see something we can act on that investigation and come to some kind of resolution and make those neighborhoods safer for the people who live there.”

While the slow journey to justice to wages on, Madi’s mom continues her mission through her cooking.

“My food is inspired by love, because it’s inspired by Madi,” said Yameka Robinson.

She runs a food truck that gives her the opportunity to share her daughter’s story to more people than she could have ever imagined.

“It’s hard to tell it over and over again, but it needs to be told, it has to be told,” said Robinson.

32-year-old Isaiah has been charged with second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon resulting in death, assault in the first degree and unlawful use of a weapon resulting in injury.

His bond was set for $5 million cash only.

Lane is currently behind bars in Cape Girardeau County, and is expected to be in court on November 16.

Anyone with further information that could help solve this case and bring justice to Madi should contact the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Tips can be made anonymously.