Low water in the Mississippi River brings visitors to Tower Rock

Low water in the Mississippi brought herds of people out to Tower Rock Natural area near Wittenburg, Missouri.
Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 5:47 PM CDT
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WITTENBURG, Mo. (KFVS) - Low water in the Mississippi River brought several people out to the Tower Rock Natural area near Wittenburg, Missouri.

“Tower rock, walking on the river out to it only happens every so often,” Elainna Froemsdorf said.

Under 1.5 feet on the Mississippi River gauge means visitors can walk across to Tower Rock. Elaine Froemsdorf is taking full advantage of the opportunity to bring her grandkids here.

“Today was no school, so it means fun grandma day,” Froemsdorf said.

Spending the day Monday, at this place with her grandchildren, is special to her.

“They’re the third generation,” she said. “I’ve walked across and gone around Tower Rock, my daughter got to cross and go around Tower Rock and now my grandchildren have gotten to walk across and go around Rower Rock.”

Her granddaughter, Adilyn, enjoyed every second of the adventure.

“I haven’t done anything like that before and it was kind of challenging, but it was fun,” Adilyn Crowden said.

Dennis Wright lives right across the river in Grand Tower, Illinois. He still has to drive 70 miles to get there. It’s not often that visitors are able to walk across to Tower Rock, so he said the long drive is worth it.

“We got the grandkids with us today, they’ve never been on it, so it might be one opportunity they may not have again,” Wright said.

He is enjoying giving his grandkids more than just a cool experience.

“There’s a lot of history around this,” he said.

His grandson Isaac is appreciating every moment he gets to spend with his grandpa.

“It’s probably gonna be a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Isaac Settles said. “I’m probably not gonna be able to come back.”

Chris Drone is an earth science teacher and had the day off school too.

“It’s geologic importance to me, it’s nature, the river we don’t see this happening every day,” Drone said.

“Being able to have our generations experience this means a lot,” Froemsdorf said.

People of all ages and even some dogs were able to make it across to explore. The river level at Tower Rock is barely a foot deep and is expected to remain steady for the next several days, if you want a chance to explore the island.