Southeast Missouri family surviving after direct hit from hurricane in Florida

Local family survives direct hit from Hurricane Ian
Published: Oct. 2, 2022 at 8:26 PM CDT
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ENGLEWOOD, Fl. (KFVS) - A family from the Heartland is surviving after a direct hit from Hurricane Ian last week.

Lizzi Scott and her mother Kim moved to Englewood, Florida, along the western coast of Florida.

They endured 150 mph winds during the major storm which devastated much of the area.

“We were actually in the eye of the storm. We got the direct hit,” Scott said. “It was extremely scary and something I wish would never have to go through again.”

Scott said people are struggling to adjust to the living conditions there.

“It doesn’t look the same and it’s just weird living everyday life and only having very few places to go,” Scott said. “One grocery store, one bar is open right now but it’s extremely complicated and heartbreaking to have to go through.”

They are currently trying to survive as they tell us food and amenities are scarce.

“We’re trying to live everyday like it’s our last,” Scott said. “Still have a smile on our face because we could have not walked away from this. I know right now the death toll is going up majorly and it breaks my heart to see it.”

Scott and her mom are living in a house there in Englewood. They try to get whatever supplies and help they need throughout the day. She says nighttime there can be more difficult though.

“It is extremely scary,” Scott said. “It’s pitch black most of the time unless you’re in town. There is a 9 o’clock curfew. You’re not allowed to be on the roads after 9. And, there are people going house to house trying to steal gas, trying to break in and rob, get water and food and all kinds of stuff. So, it is extremely scary. We keep the house locked 24/7 and always keep an eye out.”

They have been joining others at The Shipwreck Pub where they can grab some hot food and lean on the support of their friends.

“They are having hot food for everybody and they have a bunch of outlets so you can charge your phones and whatever you gotta do to keep yourself alive,” Scott said.

Lizzi Scott is known for her singing performances as she has toured and performed in many different states. Now, she is trying to lift the spirits of everyone there by singing songs to unite one another in this time of need.

“We are all hanging out and going through this together. We’re actually having an Hurricane Ian Relief Party today,” Scott said. “I’m actually about to do a show. It’s already packed in there. I’m super excited. I am going to do the National Anthem and Hallelujah for them, like every show.

Scott said they all need help and supplies as they try to survive the temporary new normal way of living there.

“Right now what we need the most is, we need water, we need gas, chainsaws, canned food,” Scott said.

Scott said it will take a long time to rebuild there.