New emergency alert system for Scott City residents

New emergency alert system in Scott City
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 4:39 PM CDT
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SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - A new emergency alert system will allow Scott City to communicate with residents with the touch of a button.

Dan King, Scott City’s emergency management director, said they typically use social media to send alerts, but with the new CodeRED system they’ll be able to reach more people in less time.

“If you’re not sitting there looking at Facebook when the weather alert comes out, you won’t know about it,” King said.

But with the new CodeRED system, residents don’t have to be worried they’ll miss an alert on social media.

“You will know because your phone will ring, you’ll get an email or a text,” King said.

King can control the alerts on his computer. He can even make the notifications targeted by selecting a certain area on the map to send notifications to.

“And only those folks within that area would receive a call,” he explained.

The fire department has been testing the system. Shawn Jackson, Scott City’s fire chief, said it will be beneficial to them too.

“If for some reason during a natural disaster our paging system were to be down or something like that, we can actually use that to be able to dispatch our fire personnel to certain scenes,” Jackson said.

Residents can choose to receive notifications as a text, email or phone call.

“It actually comes from the same phone number every time, so you can save that phone number in your address book so you actually know it’s the CodeRED system calling you,” Jackson said.

Some notifications don’t even require a person to send.

“With tornado warnings or severe thunderstorm warnings, those are automatically sent out,” King said.

King said the system is very innovative and he thinks more cities will adopt technology like this.

“I believe it’s the wave of the future, honestly,” he said.

They’re encouraging everyone living in Scott City to subscribe. Residents can also text “Scott city alert” to 99411 to start receiving notifications.