Fredericktown man celebrates his 100th birthday with family and friends

Fredericktown man celebrates 100th birthday
Published: Sep. 18, 2022 at 6:33 PM CDT
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FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s not everyday someone turns 100 years old but that is exactly what a Fredericktown man is celebrating.

Clyde Hovis was surrounded by family and friends at the Follis & Sons Banquet Hall celebrating his 100th birthday.

Hovis was born on September 14, 1922. He said he has so many happy memories over the years and it’s great being able to spend this day with his loved ones.

“That means a whole lot that you haven’t made too many people mad and disgusted at you in what you’ve done,” Hovis said with a chuckle.

Hovis said there is one thing that he believes is the secret to a long life.

“Stay busy!” Hovis said. “Stay out of trouble and stay busy.”

Hovis is quite the woodworker as he has been a carpenter in years past. He still enjoys making useful wooden furniture pieces and other items.

“I still like to do craft work and making birdhouses. I still do that. I do a lot of stuff,” Hovis said.

Edith Kirsch is a niece of Hovis. She said Mr. Hovis loves to go places and visit with people in the area.

“Clyde does not know a stranger,” Edith Kirsch said. “He knows everyone. He does not know a stranger. He goes to flea markets. He loves antiques. He’s built so much stuff.”

Aaron Kirsch and Maria Juergensmeyer said Mr. Hovis is their great, great uncle. They said they have many great memories with him.

“When we were little, we would always come here and visit with him<” Aaron Kirsch said. “He likes woodworking. He goes to yard sales and buys stuff. That’s when I would go with him, everynight I was up here with him.”

“He would always take us to auctions with him and he would buy us bubble gum,” Juergensmeyer said. “He would also take us in his basement and show us how he would make the birdhouses out of the wood, how he paints them and everything.”

Hovis also remembers many great memories and moments over his 100 years here on Earth.

“About the best thing I’ve seen happen is the TV being invented,” Hovis said. “It come on the air and I’ve had a TV for I think the last 60 years since about the time they made the big change from 4 channels up is when I had the TV.”

Hovis was born in the southern part of Madison County. He has two children and many family members that came from several states that came by to wish him a happy birthday.