Scott City School District sees progress with various upgrades and renovations

Scott City school district making upgrades
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 5:47 PM CDT
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SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - Scott City School District is making progress with various upgrades across the school district.

Voters approved more than $7 million for a project on the April ballot earlier this year called Proposition KIDS.

School leaders wasted no time in starting the construction process and have already made upgrades to classrooms, media libraries, football field, parking lots and more.

“On the elementary end, we were also able to renovate that first hallway of classrooms that were built in 1957 with the original part of the school,” Scott City School Superintendent Michael Umfleet said. “Those are brand new and they look fabulous.”

They also have crews constructing a new elementary gymnasium which will give students more room to expand on educational opportunities.

“Our old gym was built in 1957,” Umfleet said. “It still has the tile flooring and it’s just way out of date. It’s something that needed to be done so we’re excited about that new multi-purpose gym. We’ll also be able to host ballgames if we had to so we’re really excited about that.”

The new gymnasium will also allow more space for food services for students and staff across the district.

On the west side of the school, improvements include renovating the library.

“We’re turning this library into a library media center to be more up-to-date with the times and better prepare our kids for the future,” Umfleet said. “We’re putting in a sound room, a green screen, a gaming center, just updating the whole place and it’s turning out really good.”

Umfleet also expanded on other areas that have been upgraded and are in the works of being worked on right now.

“We’re also doing some renovations to our football field outside, putting in new turf and putting in a track,” Umfleet said. “We haven’t hosted a track meet in over 20 years. We’re excited about those things. We renovated our parking lot and added some new visitor parking, lighting in our parking lot for nighttime for when it’s dark outside and people are leaving ballgames. It’s a little safer for the community and the people that are here.”

Umfleet said it’s important to improve and upgrade physical aspects of their school to give the students and staff the best possible tools to be able to learn and be successful in life.

“One of our goals is to always do our best for our kids and if we have the means to give them the nice things and do the nice things for them then that’s what we should do,” Umfleet said. “We want to use the taxpayer money conservatively and use it to the best use that we can and do whatever we can to benefit our kids.”

These projects have multiple local companies working throughout the summer and through the school year to finish.

Umfleet said they hope to have all the upgrades, including the new gymnasium up and running by Spring of 2023.

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