Some Zeigler, Ill. residents see unusually high water bills

Some Zeigler, Ill. residents are seeing unusually high water bills.
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 11:13 PM CDT
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ZEIGLER, Ill. (KFVS) - From $50 to $3,200, one woman in Zeigler said her water bill is 60 times more than the usual amount.

Others who live in Zeigler say they noticed their water bill was high in August too.

“There’s no way that anyone can pay a $3,200 water bill, there’s just no way,” Candy Gleghorn, owner of Dandy Dogs Grooming and Boarding, said.

In July Gleghorn said she got a hefty water bill. She said around the same time, the city told her to check her water meter.

“Then I find out I used 384,000 gallons in a month. Our bill is usually 45 to 50,″ Gleghorn said.

She said she called the city clerk and was told to look for leaks or running toilets. However, she said there were none.

On Facebook she learned others in Zeigler had the same issue.

“I thought they made a mistake. Somebody just read it wrong, it was a mistake,” Dawn McCluskey, Zeigler resident, said.

McCluskey has lived in Zeigler since 2015. She said her water bill is usually $39 to $50, but this month, $210.

According to her customer history report from the city, that’s not the only thing billed incorrectly.

“Trash was undercharged, the water I’m overcharged, and then the sewer I don’t know,” McCluskey said.

Zeigler Mayor Dennis Mitchell explained about one-third of their customers either have high or low bills.

Heartland News asked him if he believed the issues were a metering problem or just what the customer’s water bill is.

“Partially it’s what their water bill is because we have several that will acknowledge they do have water leaks,” Mitchell said.

He said he wants to update the billing system and the meters to electric to help solve the issue.

He shared that the city does have some new meters to give. When I asked how many new meters were available, this was his response.

“We’ll look to see how far out of an adjustment. One with 384,00 gallons certainly there’s a problem there but one that is a couple thousand gallons, more than likely it’s not a metering problem,” Mitchell said.

Gleghorn did receive a new water meter, but she said she still wants to find out why this happened.

“I’m going to fight it. I’m not going to be quiet. If I need to find legal representation, I’m going to,” Gleghorn said.

Mitchell said he hopes to get electric meters soon, but there’s no timeline of when that will happen.

Gleghorn said her bill was lowered to $900 and McCluskey said she paid the minimum, $45.

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