Relief finally on the way for residents in the Anna Vista High Rise

Some residents in Anna, Ill. are without air conditioning at their homes.
Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 5:49 PM CDT
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ANNA, Ill. (KFVS) - Relief is finally on the way for residents in the Anna Vista High Rise.

Residents in the high rise say their air conditioning has been out since Monday, July 4.

The thermostat inside one apartment on the 6th floor Thursday afternoon was around 85 degrees before the heat index was added in.

“Hot, extremely hot over here,” said Pam Pierce, Anna Vista resident.

Another resident in the building agrees with Pierce that conditions have been hard to live in.

“It’s been really miserable, it’s very hard to imagine being in this kind of heat inside an apartment with the humidity as high as it is,” said Ron Hair, Anna Vista resident.

One resident I spoke with, who is oxygen-dependent, said Wednesday afternoon the heat really got to him.

“So I went into the kitchen to get something to eat and when I got in there I had to immediately return to the living room and get underneath my fan or get in front of my fan and I couldn’t breathe for 15 minutes I struggled for air until I could finally breath again. It really scared me, I thought I was going to lose my life because of the heat,” said Hair.

I reached out to the Union County Housing Authority who oversees this property. They would not talk on camera but sent this release to us.

The Housing authority gave fans to residents during the week.

Both residents I spoke with say they have no ill will towards management.

“I just wish they’d hurry up and get the air conditioner fixed, because I’ve got COPD and it’s hard on me staying here without no air,” said Pierce.

“It’s just sad that we have to go through this and some of us here are seniors and have breathing difficulties and I’m pretty much oxygen dependent and have underlying issues and a lot of people do and it’s sad to see people suffer through it,” said Hair.

The following is a statement released by the Union County Housing Authority:

“The Union County Housing Authority would like to thank you for your patience during the recent air conditioning outage at Anna Vista. Please extend our thanks to your friends and family members who hosted your overnight stays while we waited for the necessary repairs to take place.

“Our service contractor visited our site on July 4 to assess the system failure and is on site today, July 7, performing the repairs to get our system up and running again as soon as possible. Union County Housing Authority thanks the involved vendors and staff for traveling to multiple cities procuring the necessary parts in this challenged supply market we are all facing. Thank you to our local stores, hotel, and restaurants for partnering with us to provide some relief to our tenants during this crisis.

“We are optimistic the system will be back online and cooling today and fully repaired by the end of this week. Again, thank you for your patience.”

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