AAA officials warn of dangers on leaving gas tank on empty

Dangers of leaving your car on empty
Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 11:26 PM CDT
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(KFVS) - High gas prices are forcing some drivers to limit how much gas they put in their ride. AAA officials said keeping your tank close to empty could create serious and expensive issues for your car.

Prices at the pump are reaching record highs, a harsh reality for drivers everywhere.

“There’s for sure been times where it’s said low fuel and I was still driving back and forth,” Jacqui Lang, one driver said.

“I need to stretch that dollar, or that 4, 5 dollars, I need to stretch it as long as possible,” Carla Alexander, another driver said.

At an average of $5 a gallon nationwide, AAA officials said drivers are thinking twice before filling their tank all the way.

A decision travelers could regret.

“From April to May, some of our AAA clubs and tow providers had an increase for call in field service, meaning that folks running out of fuel while driving their vehicle,” Nick Chabarria, AAA Spokespersn.

Chabarria said if your vehicle is constantly on “E” that can cause some serious internal damage to your car.

“Mainly the fuel pump that pumps fuels from your gas tank to your engine. That pump relies on gasoline running through it to keep in fluid and running properly,” Chabarria said.

The price to replace a fuel pump is up to $1000, much more expensive than at the pump. Not to mention being stranded on the road is a danger.

It’s something Chabarria and drivers want to avoid.

“Gas prices are high right now but running your fuel tank to empty could certainly cost you more in the long run,” Chabarria said.

“I really try to fill up before it gets too, too low,” Alexander said.

“If it starts dinging, I’ll have to stop somewhere,” Lang said.

Chabarria recommends drivers let their car go no lower than a quarter tank.

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