Cape Girardeau Police investigate series of car vandalisms with anti-Semitic signs

Authorities in Cape Girardeau are investigating after a string of hateful vandalisms.
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 9:55 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Police in Cape Girardeau are investigating a series of anti-Semitic car vandalisms.

“Why add more tension to society by placing racial remarks over vehicles?” Amanda Farmer, manager of Farmer’s Pool and Spa said.

Farmer has a lot of questions about yellow question marks and red swastika signs spray painted on her work vehicles right outside her business, Farmer’s Pool and Spa.

She’s not sure why someone vandalized five of her cars. She says her business is not Jewish-based and they specialize in items like chlorine, not graffiti.

The recent vandalism is costing a extra money as well.

“We’re probably going to pay out of pocket a couple thousand dollars to have all of our vehicles taken care of,” Farmer said.

According to Cape Police, there are at least seven other reports of similar vandalism crimes all within May 23 to May 25. Some with and without hate signs.

“I definitely hope they figure out who did it,” Hannah Zeilenga, manager of Smoothie King in Cape Girardeau said.

Zeilenga said her drive-thru windows were covered in swastika signs and curse words, around the same time someone vandalized Farmer Pool and Spa’s cars.

“I was very shocked and surprised that somebody would do that to a business here in cape” Zeilenga said.

Although its unknown who is responsible for the crime’s, Farmer hopes they learn from it .

“Teach these individuals the importance respecting other people’s property and they understand that by placing racists signs on people’s personal property that could affect people,” Farmer said.

Cape Girardeau police say they are investigating the recent vandalisms.

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