Soybean processing facility coming to the Bootheel

A new soybean processing facility could bring new jobs to the Pemiscot County area.
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:10 PM CDT
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PEMISCOT COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Leaders in Pemiscot County say more jobs are coming to the area.

That’s because Cargill plans to build a new soybean processing plant in the Bootheel.

“Anytime we get anything new like this, it is very exciting,” said Mayor Sue Grantham.

She said building a new soybean processing facility in Pemiscot County will have a big impact on the community.

“The facility coming on its own is a positive,” Grantham said. “We are in a very blighted type of area, so this will help tremendously. We are working toward making this a better community anyway so I think this will help do that.”

According to Cargill, the new facility will provide more than 45 jobs to the area.

“Jobs are very important here were really low on the totem pole when it comes to money and jobs so anything that can happen here that would improve that is a benefit to everyone,” said Grantham.

Brothers Jason and Barry Bean Farm together in neighboring Peach Orchard, Missouri. They share their thoughts on the expansion.

“It’s a great boost for the economy and Pemiscot County and for our whole state, great boost for our $94 billion industry in agricultural, so hey it’s absolutely wonderful,” said farmer Jason Bean.

“This is a huge investment in a part of the state that really needs it. Although we are some of the most intensive agricultural productions in the United States and in fact in the world. As you know, southeast Missouri has struggled to get jobs and investment and this is exactly the sort of investment that we’ve all wanted,” farmer Barry Bean said.

They said an expansion will provide more opportunities for other growers.

Cargill says they hope to have the new facility up and running in 2026.

The annual soybean production capacity will be 62 million bushels.

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