Heartland photographer brings together strangers through photoshoots

Photoshoot brings couples together
Published: May. 15, 2022 at 6:19 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland photographer is bringing strangers together for a unique photoshoot that will certainly make some memories.

It’s a stranger photoshoot, bringing couples together for a blind date hosted by Chantel Marie Photography.

Chantel Dean says this blind date is a great way for people to be a part of something unique and has the potential to change the future for some lucky couples that meet up.

“It’s a lot harder than I thought but it seems like it’s becoming easier, especially since I’m planning the days around what they like to do,” Dean said. “They’re kind of taking over. So, I like it. It’s fun!”

Dean first heard about the idea through a Facebook photography group. That’s when she decided to try it herself.

“I just thought it was really unique,” Dean said. “I did a lot of research to see the safety precautions and everything you can do with this, and I took that stranger session and made it part of my own to do individual editions. So, I am hoping to have a best friend edition, video gamer edition, couples edition, something that it will be more than just a blind date meeting people. It will bring more people together.”

Dean says these couples have a great time and are making lasting memories.

“They have fun so it’s not just me,” Dean said. “It makes me feel better that they’re going to meet somebody who they’re either going to be friends with for a very long time or they’re going to meet their soulmate.”

We talked with one couple that met up on their photoshoot at the Beacon 53 in Cape Girardeau. They said this was a unique way to meeting one another.

“I think this was fun and was a good way to meet who had a lot in common with myself. So, it’s cool,” Justin Aden said.

“I’ve seen advertisements for it but never for around here,” Brittney Ledbetter said. “And so as soon as I saw it for around here, I messaged her immediately actually. I was like, ‘hey, I’m interested.’ If nothing else, get the experience. I thought it would be fun.”

Dean said there has already been one couple that has made their status official after the photoshoot with more photoshoots planned and more potential matches to come.

“Being in the military, it helped me see different cultures and how different cultures can come together,” Dean said. “My husband and myself are complete opposites but we were set up. We wouldn’t have tried to date each other if we wouldn’t have known and now we are happily married so I want to do that for other people as well.”

Dean already went through interviewing each individual and paired them up with another person which has matching qualities. She said this is a good way to meet someone without using traditional dating sites.

“Get out of your comfort zone,” Dean said. “Don’t just meet the same ole guys or the same ole girls and keep dating them and you feel like your life is falling apart because you can’t find somebody. Go out of your comfort zone and meet somebody that you’re a good match for.”

The couples that meet up get their choice of 10 of their favorite photos from the session to keep.

For more information, you can find that at Chantel Marie Photography.

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