Baby formula shortage impacting Heartland mothers

As the formula shortages continues, many families are wondering how they're supposed to feed their babies.
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 5:58 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As the formula shortages continues, many families are wondering how they’re supposed to feed their babies.

For many families, formula is the only option. And many parents are having trouble finding the right formula to feed their babies.

“I’m scared that he’s gonna starve,” said Tammy Jones.

Tammy Jones struggles to find formula for her 7-month-old son Donald.

“I have honestly thought about going back to pumping because it’s just getting out of control,” Jones said.

Jones is from Mounds, Ill. and she says she’s checked every store in her area.

“I’ve went to Cape. I’ve went to Anna. I’ve went to mounds. I’ve went to Olive Branch,” said Jones.

Shawnna Rhine with the southern seven health department offers some solutions.

“If you are experiencing a shortage with the particular formula that you use to contact your pediatrician and to see if there is an alternative formula available to you especially if your child requires a special needs formula you don’t want to just try and change that on your own that is something you do need to talk with your doctor about,” Rhine said.

Mothers on the SEMO moms Facebook page keep track of formula in the area.

“If it wasn’t for my friends telling me everything’s gonna be okay or family and friends going here if you need this kind of formula I’ll go out and check every time that I go out and I’ll let you know and it’s hard as a mother to ask for that kind of help,” said Jones.

And parents just want to know when supplies will likely improve.

Health regulators announced steps to import more formula made overseas.

The FDA is working with Abbott to reopen the Michigan plant, which produces Similac, and several other powdered formulas.

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