Heartland health officials push folks to get COVID vaccine following new warning from White House

Heartland health officials push public to get COVID vaccine
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 10:04 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Biden Administration says a possible coronavirus wave this fall could infect 100 million people.

White House officials project this possible wave due to push back from congress on funding for testing and treatments to help prevent outbreaks. Folks in the heartland want to make sure if this wave happens it’s not deadly

“It wouldn’t surprise me to see more cases going up,” Elizabeth Pham, Park Pharmacy pharmacist said.

Pham said she’s seen a lot less people coming to get a COVID-19 vaccine at Park Pharmacy

She said it is a concern, following the white house’s warning of a possible Coronavirus wave this fall.

Officials assume it could infect up to 100 million people

“If people have not been vaccinated yet and you are going to be going out a lot… I would suggest you would get vaccinated. If you want to go ahead and get boosted as well, it wouldn’t hurt,” Pham said.

According to CNN, “The White House is sharing these estimates as officials renew their push to get Congress to approve additional funding to combat the virus.”

The recent warning has left folks like Cora Sids with questions.

“Why won’t people go get the shot, and they would stop dying?” Sids said.

She shared what she heard about the warning on Heartland News.

Due to her health issues, she said she worries about the possibility of another COVID-19 wave.

She said she believes the vaccine could stop that from happening.

“It scared me a whole lot. I would go ahead and take it because I want to live,” Sids said.

Despite efforts to stop the virus, when it comes to the future of COVID-19, only time will tell.

“We will see. It is an ever-changing landscape, COVID is,” Pham said.

Pham said they are still offering the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine.

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