SIU researchers are studying various uses for cannabis

Researchers a SIU are looking into ways to use cannabis.
Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 5:16 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) -Researchers at Southern Illinois University (SIU) are looking at some of the ways cannabis could be beneficial. From finding out what strain could be used for your certain needs, to cannabis therapy for opioid addiction mediation.

“We need more studies on okay what is it in cannabis besides THC that gives you this variety. We can not just go by strain names,” said Aldwin Anterola, associate professor at SIU School of Biological Sciences.

Anterola is looking at the benefits of certain strains of cannabis.

“If we understand which of this compounds and which combination of this compounds will give you the desire effect like for pain or to relieve craving for example or for increasing appetite,” said Anterola.

In the lab, SIU researchers are learning that cannabinoids produce their effects by interacting with specific receptors in our central nervous system.

“So it’s not just THC. Everybody thinks cannabis is THC, no there’s delta 8, and they just look at THC and see how high it is but that’s not everything,” said Anterola.

And these scientist are also looking at how cannabis can curb opioid addiction.

“What studies have shown is that cannabis can be effective as a pain reliever, specifically for cancer and some non-cancer related pain. And it’s also effective for reducing seizures as well as increasing appetite for people who have an eating disorder, HIV/aids,” said Jane Nichols, Associate professor for SIU College of Health and Human Services.

SIU researchers are asking physicians their perceptions on medical marijuana and if they would prescribe it as an alternative.

“Results were mixed. About half of the physicians said that they felt it would be useful. But most would not encourage it. There’s was limited number of physicians who said they were absolutely against it,” said Nichols.

As the study is ongoing researchers are learning what’s really inside marijuana.

“What makes different strains, different from each other. Because there are cannabis that will make you sleepy and there are cannabis that will make you more energized,” said Anterola.

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