Heartland golfers react to Tiger Woods plans to play at the Masters

Heartland golfers react to Tiger Woods at The Masters
Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 6:24 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Thursday is a big day for golf lovers, because it’s the start of the 2022 Masters Tournament.

Golf legend Tiger Woods plans to play after seriously injuring himself in a car wreck last year.

Some Heartland golfers tell us it’s a big deal to see him compete again.

“No one that I know would ever be able to do that, but then he’s Tiger Woods,” Donna Wheeler said.

Long-time golfer and Tiger Woods fan, Donna Wheeler said she’s happy to see him back at the masters.

“His determination and actually his will to be better than anyone else is what brought him back and its outstanding,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler said walking the Augusta National Golf Course is challenging, even for those who don’t have any injuries.

“Its gonna be a grind, its not gonna be easy for him but you know what he played the US open on a broken leg so what else can you expect,” she said.

She knows how hard it can be to return to the game after an injury.

“The one that impacted me the most though was the shoulder injury, the dislocation, and that will take it out of you,” she said.

Golf instructor Jake Seabaugh said he thinks Woods is good enough to work around his leg injury.

“Everyone’s saying he’s hitting it like he always has. I know the walking is what he keeps saying is the hard part but the swing being as powerful as it is means I think he could win again which would be really cool,” Seabaugh said.

Both Seabaugh and Wheeler said they’re going to follow the tournament closely the next few days to see the outcome.

“I probably watch the Masters more than any other tournament,” Seabaugh said.

“There will be millions and millions and millions of people waiting to see the first tee shot, waiting to see his first approach shot waiting to see his first put, there’s a lot a lot of interest,” Wheeler said.

Nearly one hundred golfers are competing in the tournament.

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