Gary Sinise Foundation hosts First Responders Day in Mayfield

The Gary Sinise Foundation hosted a First Responders Day event in Mayfield, Ky.
Published: Mar. 26, 2022 at 9:05 PM CDT
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MAYFIELD, Ky. (KFVS) - Mayfield first responders received a special thank you on Saturday, months after a tornado ripped through the town.

“The night it happened, it was just all about getting everybody taken care of,” Michael Rowland, deputy assistant chief for the Mayfield Fire Department, said.

Roles have reversed for Michael Rowland and other first responders that helped in the aftermath of the Mayfield tornado.

The Gary Sinise Foundation, an organization founded by the Hollywood star to assist first responders, hosted a First Responder Appreciation Day in Mayfield on March 26.

“They were awesome to work with, they are awesome to work with. They are doing a lot for us here today,” Rowland said.

He shared how he originally reached out to the foundation after their building and gear were destroyed.

“We’re giving them some extraction tools, and some field stations, and breathing equipment. Basically, a couple things that they needed to really replenish what they lost,” Hannah Luppino, senior event director with the foundation, said.

Luppino said it’s their first time hosting a First Responders Day event.

“These tornados hit a couple months ago, and everyone comes in right away which was amazing, but here we are a couple months later trying to still say thank you and know they are not forgotten,” Luppino said.

Rowland explained it is going to take many years for their city to get back to what it once was. However, he believes this is a start.

“Every day is just a new day,” he said. “You have to carry the duties you always did in a less than ideal situation.”

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