Missouri lawmakers propose requiring teachers to post lesson plans online

Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 4:01 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A proposal going through the Missouri House of Representatives would require teachers to post their lesson plans online at least twice per year so that anyone can access them. This proposal has been met with both support and opposition from different groups.

“You’re asking for more information from teachers that are already sharing this information,” said Todd Fuller a spokesperson for Missouri State Teachers Association.

He says the organization is opposed to the bill because it creates more stress on teachers.

”You’re asking teachers to number one, do something they’re already doing. Number two, you’re asking them to add another layer to the paperwork, the amount of information that they’re required to share, above and beyond what they’re already sharing,” said Fuller.

Missouri is seeing a lot of teachers leave the profession. And at times they are giving up their certification.

”Typically what happens is an administrator or a school district can say to that individual if you leave now that’s fine, but we’re going to take your certification, and every time those individual teachers said ‘Fine, take my certification because I don’t plan on staying in education,’ that should be concerning for all of us,” said Fuller.

Andy Wells is a part of No Left Turn. The U.S. organization aims at getting rid of left-wing values from the school system.

“We want school choice for parents. Parents should have the option to where they send their child to school,” said Wells.

He testified in front of a Missouri House committee in support of the bill.

”Big thing on House Bill 2008 is right now there’s a lot of parents are having a hard time finding out what’s going on in their schools,” said Wells.

He says he’s not asking for every single detail, but an outline of what is taught in his kids’ schools, especially in sexual education & history classes. The bill is going through a House Committee.

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