Truck drivers share their experiences in I-57 crash

Drivers describe the dangerous conditions they experienced in Thursday night's crash on I-57.
Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 5:28 PM CDT
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SOUTHEAST Mo. (KFVS) - Drivers are sharing their experience from the deadly Interstate 57 crash.

“But you almost couldn’t see across the highway. But then you could just hear them coming in and hitting, and horns going off. It was crazy,” truck driver Thomas Woodruff said.

He believes low visibility from the fog is the reason for Thursday’s deadly crash.

“It became extremely foggy all at once,” he explained. “A truck in front of me hit another truck. I went to the left and you started to see the southbound lanes were clogged and you could just hear the trucks coming in and piling into each other.”

Truck driver Nancy Hudson experienced the same.

“When I was heading into it, you could still see the bottom of the road; and in the very beginning, it just started fading quickly and then it was gone,” she explained.

The first thing she did was notify dispatch of the dangerous conditions.

“Then I was on the radio telling anybody who was coming up to break it down. Don’t come in here because it’s bad,” she continued.

The crash investigation is underway by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Public information officer Sgt. Jeff Kinder said with so many vehicles involved, they’ll look at evidence at the scene and evaluate the environmental conditions.

“Also interview witnesses and people who were actually involved with the crash,” he said.

But said smoke and other pollutants are not considered to be a contributing factor.

“I personally spoke to an elderly gentleman there, that was on the overpass there at the Circle J truck stop. He said there was a heavy fog rolled in off the river. He said you could not see 50 feet in front of you. And he said he could actually hear the vehicles hitting each other down on the interstate,” Sgt. Kinder said.

Luckily for Woodruff, he’s just happy to be a survivor.

“I’m able to drive away, and I think the man in front of me is able to drive away. We are probably the only two,” he said.

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