Bald Knob Cross of Peace post spreads message of hope to Ukrainians

Bald Knob Cross tribute to Ukraine goes viral
Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 4:15 PM CDT
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UNION COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - A Facebook post is spreading the message of hope to the people of Ukraine.

The Bald Knob Cross executive director created the post more than a week ago. Now, he said hundreds of thousands of views are coming from Ukrainians.

“I think what we set out to accomplish through the post has been accomplished,” Jeffrey Isbell said.

He said the Facebook post he created was intended to inspire Ukrainians.

“We wanted to spread a message of hope and peace and encouragement and a call to prayer,” he explained. “And now to a million people who have seen it, I believe we’ve done that.”

He said the motivation came from a reason the cross was established.

“There was a war that was beginning to rage in Vietnam. We had the Cuban missile crisis, so the world was in need of a place of peace,” he said regarding the period in time when the Cross was built.

And getting that peace is why Jena Guined visited the cross on Tuesday afternoon, March 15.

“When I originally saw the post on Facebook, it kind of touched my heart,” she said.

She said because of it, she was moved to pray for Ukraine.

“Everything that we can do as Christians, we give our best effort, but sometimes the only thing that we can do is pray,” she continued.

So, she prays at the Heartland monument that represents peace and unity.

“I can’t particularly relate as a Ukrainian, but just to know that those people and all the people here, and all over the world now that have seen this post and are praying for you in such a specific time of need, just touches my heart. And I can imagine it touches theirs as well.”

“Now, for people all over the world they know that they can go to our Facebook page, they can go to our website, and maybe through seeing our pictures or seeing our encouragement that others are sharing, they too can get that peace, and understanding, and that hope and that guidance and that love,” Jeffery Isbell said.

The Bald Knob Cross of Peace is open to the public from Thursday through Sunday.

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