Heartland farmers also feeling the pain of higher fuel prices

Farmers feel impact of high gas prices in Williamson County
Published: Mar. 7, 2022 at 6:28 PM CST
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL. (KFVS) - Think you are feeling pain at the pump? Heartland famers still need to fill up their tractors, combines and trucks.

So what’s the impact that high prices are having on their daily routine?

Larry Miller has been farming for 50 years in Franklin County. He says fuel makes up about 10 percent of his total budget.

“It really gets scary to see that, that kind of a cost going in to these fuel tanks. It’s kind of when you think about it, can keep you up at night worrying about it,” said Miller.

Miller tells me within the last 3 weeks, prices have risen significantly.

“We actually contracted some fuel about 3 weeks ago before the Ukraine situation happened. And now and that was at 3.20 and today it’s 4.40,” said Miller

He says the Spring and Fall are their busiest season, but even than, he expects to see higher fuel prices.

“We’re hauling grain right now, and fuel cost of trucks going up and down the road is we’re almost 5 dollars already, these trucks will hold 200 gallons of fuel and that’s a 1,000 dollars to fill them up,” said Miller.

Miller says he expects these prices to stick around for awhile.

“I believe oil prices and fuel prices are not going to stop. I think we are going to see higher, higher again. And it’s going to have an impact on farmers,” said Miller.

Miller says that he not only paying more for fuel but fertilizer and chemicals as well.

And as you know, if it costs more to make, it will end up costing more at the grocery store.

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