City of Sikeston to vote on proposed firework ordinance

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 6:04 PM CST
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SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - Sikeston residents will vote soon on whether they want fireworks to be allowed within city limits.

“They’re fun, we know kids enjoy them, we know families enjoy them, but we also know there’s danger to them,” Brian Self said.

Sikeston City Council member Brian Self said he doesn’t remember a time when Sikeston allowed fireworks, so he’s curious to see how many folks will vote for it.

“We continue to debate and have discussions. There’s pros and cons to it and it always seems like we get at this in pass, there’s some of us that think it will be fine, there’s some that have concerns,” Self said.

“We have two groups of people and that’s our citizens so we’re going to push it back to them and let them decide.”

A couple of residents have mixed feelings about the proposed ordinance.

“They might as well make it legal on July Fourth and New Year’s Eve and then just increase enforcement when it’s not those dates,” Darrin Johnson said.

“I’m old. I like to go to sleep early. I’m not necessarily staying up late to see the next day in,” Kent McDonnold said.

“I don’t think it’s safe as far as the big fireworks and stuff.”

Self said the commercial grade fireworks won’t be allowed, such as sky lanterns or fire balloons.

He hopes to see a big voter turnout April 5.

“I think the only concern I would have is that not everybody gets out to vote,” Self said.

“A lot of times in local elections and voting for 20,000 people or whatever we have in this town, 16 to 18, we get 15 hundred votes.”

“We need to have this vote to find out what our citizens think and what they want to do and it’s our job as a council to honor their wishes.”

You can read the entire ordinance online here.

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