COVID-19 reinfections continue to rise in Missouri

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 5:51 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - New information has been released regarding the reinfection rates for COVID-19 in Missouri.

Missouri health officials say more than 7 percent of all new cases in the state are people who contracted COVID-19 more than twice.

”I really kind of didn’t expect us to test positive a second time.”

Dodi Riley from Sikeston is one of many who told us on social media they tested positive more than twice for COVID-19.

Dodi contracted the virus in 2020, and then again about six months later.

“Symptoms were not very severe,” Riley said. “They were kind of like the flu just aches and pains.”

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services data shows two out of every 100 Missourians who were previously infected with COVID-19 developed it again.

“What we are seeing is a new variant of the same virus, so the virus has changed its outer shell its clothed and its coming to fool the immune system,” Dr. Shazaib Anwar said.

Dr. Shahzaib Anwar, a primary physician in Cape Girardeau, said the number of COVID-19 reinfections will continue rise due to the omicron variant.

“We’re seeing a whole host of different patients who are having COVID-19 despite having had vaccination. People who’ve got COVID-19 despite having the booster vaccine, although their symptoms are milder, and people who’ve had natural immunity from being infected in the past with the different variant who then get reinfected now and are coming back positive as well,” Anwar said.

Riley, who is not vaccinated, doesn’t want to get the virus for a third time.

“I think that if it happens again, we’ll continue to treat the symptoms as best as we can and we just hope and pray that we don’t have a serious case in our family,” said Riley.

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