Residents in Mayfield, Ky. cleaning up after storm

Published: Dec. 16, 2021 at 5:11 PM CST
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MAYFIELD, Ky. (KFVS) - Hundreds of volunteers have come together to help Mayfield, Kentucky residents in their time of need.

One organization called “Eight Days of Hope” is helping residents clean up following Friday’s massive tornado.

”It didn’t discriminate, it just came through and was nasty to everybody,” said homeowner Tommy Anderson.

Anderson is talking about the damages from the tornado destroying his home.

“We’ve lived here since 1993, and it’s been in my wife’s family since 1978 never seen any kind of destruction or a storm like this in this home,” said Anderson.

Dozens of volunteers from Eight Days of Hope came to Anderson’s home to lend a helping hand.

“Tommy is one of us, tommy is one of our eight-day hope leaders so it’s just natural for us to come and give him a hand,” said Eight Days of Hope Leader, Butch Price.

One Eight Days of Hope leader said it’s important to give back in a time of need.

“You think you go to bless somebody, and you go home blessed. It’s a blessing to give and to help somebody in a situation like this,” Price said.

Anderson said he’s grateful to have the support of volunteers and the community.

“Words cannot express the gratitude really that we feel, the community coming together and doing this and, you know, our desire, the wife and I desire, is to have our place cleaned up today in such a way that we can volunteer and help other people tomorrow,” said Anderson.

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