Randy Ray to retire after 47 years

Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 6:29 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - When you say sports, it’s Randy Ray.

The worlds of sports and television have changed quite a bit through the decades, but one constant has remained on the KFVS roster for the past 47 years.

Randy Ray was hired at KFVS radio in 1974. Now, he is retiring from KFVS television.

Randy retires after 47 years.
Randy retires after 47 years.(KFVS)

“He was doing sports when there was no other way to get sports, you know,” said KFVS Marketing Director Paul Keener. “If you wanted to know the Cardinals’ score, or see the Cardinals’ highlights, or want to know who won the Cape-Jackson football game, you had to watch Randy.”

Randy saw many major milestones over the many seasons of his career as the industry evolved and expanded from radio to live TV, then to the internet and streaming platforms. Randy’s been part of it all.

“His fingerprints are all over this place,” Keener said.

Randy’s finger prints are especially evident in the careers he may, or may not realize he had a hand in shaping.

Randy retires after 47 years.
Randy retires after 47 years.(KFVS)

“I came to interview with Mike Shain and Mike is showing me around and here is Randy working on a typewriter in a little little room,” said former KFVS Breakfast Show Anchor Jim Burns. “I know he’s trying to make deadline, but he takes the time to talk to me and he doesn’t know me from Adam, to make me feel comfortable. He tells me about the station; and he is actually one of the reasons I wound up coming to Cape Girardeau.”

“Randy was the first person that I talked to at KFVS when I was just a college kid wanting to work here,” Paul Keener remembered. “He pointed me to the right person, so I guess you could say he’s responsible for me starting here part-time back in college.”

“He did things that you don’t have to do,” said KFVS Sports Director Todd Richards. “He welcomed me from the very first day and said, ‘if you need help with anything, cover anything, I’ll be there for you.’ And Randy was excellent with that and, really, it continued over the long-haul since I’ve been here.

Randy worked tirelessly in sports until 1998 when he transitioned into KFVS ad sales.

Anyone who worked closely with Randy will tell you, no matter the task he gave 100 percent in everything he did.

“There was a stretch, I think, he broke all records in the Raycom Media group for a stretch of working,” said former KFVS Anchor Mary-Ann Maloney. “I think he did 50 some days because he had to. He put his heart and soul into this place on this level and upstairs.”

“When it comes to his clients, they don’t just love him, they adore him. And it’s because he takes good care of them,” said KFVS General Manager Chris Conroy.

In Randy’s eyes, it was his duty to work hard, and support others at KFVS. And he did it all with an infectious smile and quick wit.

“Being sandwiched between him and Mike every night at 6 and 10 were some of the biggest laughs of my life, literally to this day,” Mary-Ann Maloney said. “They were just so funny, and Randy’s so quick. Made me laugh every single day.”

“Holy cow, he can make me laugh,” said former KFVS Chief Meteorologist Bob Reeves. “I’m not talking about telling jokes. I’m talking about reacting to situations. He just, boom, came up with something that’s clever and insightful. Just a fun guy to be around.”

After 47 years filled with lots of laughs, a lot of hard work and a long lineup of satisfied advertising clients, you could say Randy’s career is now in double overtime.

“How many times has he said he was retiring? At least three since I’ve been here,” said Chris Conroy.

“I think Randy will be very happy in retirement. If he goes through with it,” said Bob Reeves.

“I don’t know if he’s going to leave the building,” said Jim Burns. “You may need to kick him out.”

“We’ll certainly still see Randy, but I’m definitely going to miss him,” said Todd Richards. “Just seeing that friendly face, that handshake, coming by my desk to say ‘hey, how’s everything going in sports? You guys look good!’ I greatly appreciate that. I’m gonna really miss him for that.”

Randy’s last day here at KFVS will be Friday, December 3.

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