Supply chain shortages lead to delays in furnace repairs; push for customers to get maintenance checks before cooler temps

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 9:05 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - HVAC companies are feeling the impact of shortages in the supply chain. And those delays are leading to a warning for homeowners as we start to see cooler temperatures in the Ozarks.

All Services Heating and Cooling field service supervisor Brett Callahan says it’s important to get the sensors on your furnace cleaned, filters changed, batteries changed in the thermostat, and get tests run on motors to make sure things are working properly.

”Maintenance is a very important thing. It doesn’t matter which company you use as long as you’re getting it done once a year,” Callahan says. “If you do have that problem, you can call us and we can diagnose the issue or just your company can get out there and diagnose the issue to see what’s going on.”

Callahan says they’re seeing a supply shortage which is delaying repairs on furnaces. That’s why it’s important to get your maintenance done now before it gets too cold out.

“We have customers that have been waiting on parts since August and they’re still not here,” Callahan says. “We call every day on that part and it’s just still at the factory.”

Customers Brian and Romilda Wise have maintenance scheduled every six months.

“We had a little thing happen with our air conditioner, we probably wouldn’t have found out about it for quite a while, but because they came and inspected it they found out about it and it was still under warranty,” Romilda Wise says.

The Wise family says that has actually saved them time and money in the long run.

“You can catch problems ahead of time and maybe not have to put out as much money,” Romilda Wise says.

Callahan says even if parts are in stock at the factory, it’s still taking longer to get to your home than in the past. Normally the turnaround would be the next day but Callahan says it’s taking multiple days instead.

“We leave openings in our schedules to try to get out there as soon as we get the part in hand so I keep one technician open all day,” Callahan says.

Callahan says the more specific parts for these repairs are the ones taking the longest.

“Sometimes we can find a stock part, some sort of universal part to get that unit running,” Callahan says. “Even if it’s temporary. But there are some parts on those furnaces that are very specific, especially on high-end pieces of equipment, that we have to get directly from the factory”

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