BBQ Off the River returns to Paducah

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 11:48 PM CDT
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Paducah, Ky. (KFVS) - Teams of grill masters fired up their grill for “BBQ Off the River” in Paducah. Serving up a hot plate for charity.

The annual event known as “BBQ On the River” is now “BBQ Off the River” for the 2nd year.

As a dozen teams serve BBQ all in different locations across Paducah, in efforts to keep the event COVID safe.

“For our group, The Buzzard Brothers, this was perfect” Bernie Bass said.

Bass and his team “The Buzzard Brothers” have been a part of the event since its start 25 years ago. This year they find themselves at Noble Park rather than downtown.

Although crowds aren’t as big as they were in years past, he said it’s not all bad.

“We’ve got all the parking that we need. Downtown we had 6 little tables for out dining area, we’ve got 20 picnic tables here” Bass said.

His teammate Perry Johnson agrees. He said it has its pros and cons, however it’s made the travel from your car to the BBQ station much shorter.

“They don’t have park 10 blocks away and walk in. You can pull right up and park. Get you some lunch, your sandwich and it’s a quick in and out” Johnson said.

Bill Coscarelli was a judge for the BBQ event before the pandemic. He explained people are adjusting well to the change

“People have begun to move in clumps. So, there is a clump by the middle school, there is a clump here. So that’s been better than last year where don’t know where everybody is” Coscarelli said.

Despite another year of adjustments, Bass said their BQQ still brings in folks no matter the location.

“We cooked enough to feed people up through today and we’ve already sold out for most of it” Bass said.

He plans to continue using the temporary change to his advantage.

As of now the name change is temporary. You can visit BBQ OFF the River’s website for more information on locations and times

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