Heartland businesses react to reinstated indoor mask mandate in Illinois

Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 6:18 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, IL. (KFVS) -If you live or work in Illinois, you’re back to wearing a mask indoors, regardless of the vaccination status.

Governor JB Pritzker renewed the mask mandate starting on Monday, August 30, following a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“We’re following the Governor Pritzker’s requirement that all indoor spaces have a mask requirement to enter and so 8 o’clock this morning that’s what we were doing,” said Neighborhood Co-Op General Manger Francis Murphy.

Murphy says customers will notice a few changes while entering the store.

“We’ve changed our signage a little bit. We’re trying to be a little more humorous about the whole thing. But we are hoping again that people do the right thing and wear a mask or some other face covering if they can’t wear a mask when they come into our store,” said Murphy.

Murphy they only had one customer who could not wear a face covering on Monday.

“They had a medical reason for it and unfortunately we didn’t have any face shields for them at the time but we’re getting more of those in today,” said Murphy.

At the Bike Surgeon in Carterville, they too are following the governor’s orders.

“Of course we’re putting on our mask when people come in, try and sanitize counters and bikes as they come in,” said Bike Surgeon bike mechanic Gabriel Arnone.

As weather cools off the store can do more business outside.

“We’ll probably open up the doors and a lot of the time people we can meet them outside and stuff like that anyway but we have to ride the bikes outside and usually it’s best to have the people out there anyway,” said Arnone.

Murphy hopes customers are more friendly toward co-op employees.

“Our staff the last time we had a mask mandate endured a lot of abuse from customers who for whatever reason thought that they rules didn’t apply to them,” said Murphy.

Also in Illinois all health care workers, educators from kindergarten through college must be vaccinated for COVID-19 or submit to weekly tests.

The same rule applies to college students in the state.

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