City leaders break ground for pool at Jefferson Elementary

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 2:08 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - City officials and the Cape Public School District broke ground for a new public swimming pool on Thursday afternoon, August 13.

The pool will be located behind Jefferson Elementary School.

Mayor Bob Fox said this means so much to the community.

“It’s a vision for the community, it’s a vision for the district. And it’s just going to be fantastic for the kids that go to this district,” he said.

He said a new pool is needed and has been a topic for discussion for several years.

“The idea of doing an aquatic complex, we didn’t have the money for it. You have to do what you have the money for it, and it just worked out that we get to keep our 50 meter pool and upgrade it,” the mayor said.

Once completed, the pool will be used throughout the day by the school district.

“They’re talking about doing things like underwater robotics. And things that they could never do before with small kids,” he said. “This gives them the chance to build it in the curriculum and make it work.”

Resident Michaela Stephens said having the pool will help bring up the area.

“I think it will raise the value for Jefferson, this side of town. Make people want to move over here,” she said. “Jefferson is a wonderful school, so I think it’s going to add value to that.”

And most importantly she said it will keep the kids busy.

“There is not a lot to do on this side of town for the kids,” she said. “You know they have to pay $2 to go to Shawnee to shoot some hoops, and this will be a pool they will be able to go and enjoy.”

Mayor Fox said he expects the Jefferson Pool Project to be complete in about a year.

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